REACH法规 1907/2006公布了高关注度物质(以下简称SVHC)名单。在使用化学品时,本公司严格遵循欧盟REACH法规,并有以下声明。您可以点击下方链接获得更多信息


根据REACH法规(条例(欧盟)No. 1907/2006)第33条规定,本公司敬告客户:下方表格列出的本公司产品的组成部分中,含有部分候选SHVC物质且含量(w/w)超过0.1%(2020年04月03日)。


Substance information

Affected product portfolioSVHC > 0.1%CASComponent

Diaphragm pumps

Chemistry diaphragm pumps

ATEX chemistry diaphragm pumps

ATEX VARIO chemistry diaphragm pumps

NT pumps and pumping units

Rotary vane pumps

Fluid aspiration systems

VACUU·LAN modules and tube fittings/tube connections

Spare parts for pumps, e.g., hose connection, retrofit kit, valves, etc.

Lead7439-92-1Aluminum and stainless steel alloys
Pumps and pumping units containing EK PeltronicLead7439-92-1Fan motor of cooling system
Pumps, pumping units and fluid aspiration systems1,6,7,8,9,14,15,16,17,17,18,18-dodecachloropentacyclo[,9.02,13.05,10]octadeca-7,15-diene
"Dechlorane Plus"
Sensors, controllers and pumps/pumping units containing VACUU·BUS cablesLead 7439-92-1VACUU·BUS cable
DVR 2pro
DVR 3pro
Sensor housing with venting valve for CVC 3000 and VACUU·SELECT sensor

(Integrated in following product portfolio: CVC 3000 detect series, CVC 3000 with venting valve, VACUU·SELECT complete series, VACUU·SELECT with venting valve, MV 0.5 VARIO, chemistry pumps with CVC 3000 or VACUU SELECT controller and pumping units containing a CVC 3000 or VACUU·SELECT controller)
Lead7439-92-1Venting valve
Valve VKW, VKW-B, VV 6, VV-B 6, VBM, VBM-B, solenoid gas ballast valve, in-line valve VV 25Lead7439-92-1Solenoid valve
MV 10 NT VARIOLead7439-92-1Solenoid valve

Printing inks on catch pots


Lead 7439-92-1Printing inks for the application of enamels on glasses
Cooling water valveLead7439-92-1Brass alloy
Power cablesLead7439-92-1Power cable with IEC plug:
Power cable KG (CEE, CH, UK, US, CN, IL, IN) 
Power cable LKG (CEE, CH, UK, US, CN, IN)
Power cable CEE, y-shaped KG and LKG

Power supply of

PC 3001 series

MD 1C VARIO series

MZ 1C VARIO series

Lead oxide (PbO)1317-36-8Resistor


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