The oil-free and chemical-resistant screw pump VACUU·PURE 10C is suitable for pumping aggressive gases and vapors



10-3 mbar vacuum range

+ 100% oil-free

+ Chemically resistant

+ No wear parts


VACUU·PURE 10CScrew pump
for aggressive gases and vapors

The dry screw pump VACUU·PURE® 10C reliably delivers the benefits of oil-free vacuum technology in the pressure range of 10-3 mbar. The new vacuum pump combines three important benefits for the user: 100% oil-free, chemically resistant, and no wear parts.

VACUU·PURE 10C is ideally suited for clean processes and the production of pure products. The screw pump is especially designed for processes in the vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar, however unlike other fine vacuum technologies it can be used across the entire pressure range from atmospheric pressure to its ultimate vacuum. At the same time, aggressive gases and vapors can be pumped without any worries because of the high chemical resistance. The use of a cold trap is no longer necessary in the majority of applications.

VACUU·PURE easily handles high vapor loads through its extraordinary condensate compatibility. Thanks to this capability, a gas ballast is unnecessary, avoiding associated disadvantages like the reduction in pumping speed and an increase in noise levels. The integrated regeneration mode enables rapid drying of the pump at the end of the process. This allows sample throughput to be increased significantly as compared to other pump technologies.

For work performed with non-corrosive gases and vapors, there is the specially designed model VACUU·PURE 10.

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Technical Highlights

100% oil-free

Clean processes, pure products

VACUU·PURE takes dry screw pump technology to the next level as a solution for the use in laboratory scale. The special design with two cantilevered spindles and a magnetic gear allows fully oil-free operation. The spindles run contact-free and are thus free of abrasion. This enables clean processes and pure products and protects the laboratory and environment. Save both time and operating costs, since there is no need to dispose of waste oil or to interrupt your work for oil changes.

he spindles of VACUU·PURE 10C run contact-free and oil-free
Chemical resistant plastics provide VACUU-PURE 10C with high chemical resistance

Chemically resistant

Developed for aggressive media

The wetted materials in the vacuum pump are all made of chemically resistant polymers. A thick-walled PEEK encapsulation protects the spindles and stator inside the pumping chamber, providing high chemical resistance.

The chemically resistant wetted materials make VACUU·PURE 10C well-suited for work with aggressive gases and vapors. Cold traps are not typically needed to protect the pump, as it is often the case with other technologies. The new screw pump has an exceptionally high vapor and condensate compatibility. Thanks to the integrated regeneration mode, it dries out quickly after pumping heavy vapor loads and is ready for the next process.

No wear parts

Safe processes without interruption

A major benefit of VACUU·PURE is that it does not have any wear parts. The spindles rotate contact-free. Components are manufactured with the highest precision, down to the smallest detail.

The special design enables you to run your process without interruption. VACUU∙PURE has no scheduled maintenance for replacement of wear parts. This saves time, reduces operating costs, and enables trouble-free operation.

VACUU-PURE 10C has no wear parts and therefore requires no scheduled maintenance
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VACUU·PURE 10C is suitable for the following applications: Freeze-drying, drying, distillation, coating, Schlenk Line, degassing, heat treatment and many more

Enthusiastic users

Customer Experiences with VACUU·PURE

VACUU·PURE is ideal for clean processes and pure products in the vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar.

Drying processes, manipulation of oxygen- or moisture-sensitive compounds (e.g., in Schlenk lines), distillations, and even coating processes can be run with the dry screw pump without downtime for maintenance.

At the same time, the high chemical resistance enables trouble-free operation. A cold trap is rarely needed to protect the pump. This saves time and operating costs and enables continuous processes without interruption. The inconvenience of refilling liquid nitrogen or dry ice, and the danger of liquid oxygen accumulation in the cold trap, is avoided.

Nils Weidmann is a doctoral candidate at the LMU Munich in Prof. Knochel’s group, where he conducts research in the field of organometallic chemistry. He tested the new VACUU·PURE screw pump and reports on his experiences.

"We can let VACUU·PURE run overnight without any worries because cold traps with liquid nitrogen are no longer needed. This has led to a significantly higher throughput in the laboratory. This vacuum pump will be a sensation in the market."

"With VACUU·PURE, we have a flexible pump which we can use for our processes below and above 1 mbar. Thanks to its high pumping speed, we can even run two processes simultaneously."

VACUU·PURE can be operated continuously at higher pressures so that in drying processes, both the primary drying and subsequent residual drying steps can be performed with a single pump. For distillation processes which operate in the transition range from rough to fine vacuum (10 mbar to 0.1 mbar), VACUU∙PURE delivers strong flow at deep vacuum combined with a high level of chemical resistance. And for freeze-drying, excellent results are achieved during the residual (aka secondary) drying phase due to the deep ultimate vacuum.

VACUU·PURE easily handles high vapor loads through its high condensate compatibility. A gas ballast is therefore not necessary. The associated disadvantages such as a reduction in pumping speed and increased noise levels are thus avoided. The integrated regeneration mode enables rapid drying of the pump after the end of the process and thus the sample throughput can be significantly increased, as compared to other pump technologies.

"In all tests, VACUU·PURE demonstrated very good performance, even in the case of an unusually high vapor load. The regeneration mode of VACUU·PURE is very helpful to be able to start the next process very quickly. We believe that there is no comparable vacuum pump."

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Technical data & Accessories

SpecificationVACUU·PURE 10C
Max. pumping speed9 m3/h
Ultimate vacuum (abs.)5 x 10-3 mbar (at 1013 mbar ambient pressure)
Max. inlet pressure (abs.)atmospheric pressure
Max. outlet pressure (abs.)15 mbar above atmospheric pressure
Ambient temperature range (operation)10 - 40 °C
Ambient temperature range (storage)-10 - 60 °C
Inlet connectionsmall flange KF DN 25
Outlet connectionsmall flange KF DN 25
Rated motor power0.7 kW
Protection classIP 20
Dimensions (L x W x H), approx.507 x 269 x 413 mm
Weight, approx.21.5 kg
Noise (sound pressure level),
uncertainty 3 dBA
52 dBA
Items suppliedPump completely mounted, ready for use, connection with small flange KF DN 25 (2x centering and clamping rings included), with manual. To establish a hose nozzle connection, suitable KF flanges with hose nozzle are available for order.

Dimension sheet - VACUU·PURE 10C

Pumping Speed and Pump Down Curve - VACUU·PURE 10C

Pumping speed graph VACUU·PURE 10C

Pumping speed graph

Pump down graph VACUU·PURE 10C

Pump down graph (100 l volume)

Ordering information

Product nameNominal mains voltage / mains frequencyOrder-no.
VACUU·PURE 10C CEE100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751000
VACUU·PURE 10C CH100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751001
VACUU·PURE 10C UK100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751002
VACUU·PURE 10C US100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751003
VACUU·PURE 10C CN100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751006
VACUU·PURE 10C IN100-230 V, 50/60 Hz20751007

Accessories for VACUU·PURE 10C
Accessories generalOrder-no.
VACUU·PURE shuttle, mobile underframe for VACUU·PURE 20751800
Inlet separator AK with round bottom flask 500 ml,
with KF DN 25, for VACUU·PURE
Exhaust vapor condenser EK 600 with
round bottom flask 500 ml, with KF DN 25,
PTFE tubing antistatic, KF DN 25/1000 mm20686033
Exhaust hose PVC, 26/19 mm (length in m)20686056
Small flange with hose nozzle
DN 25/SW15, PP
Centering ring KF DN 20/25C, chemically resistant20635722
Clamping ring, aluminum, KF DN 20/2520660001

Accessories Measurement and Control for VACUU·PURE 10C
Accessories measurement and controlOrder-no.
Vacuum gauge VACUU·VIEW extended, 1100 - 0,001 mbar20683210
Package fine vacuum control VACUU·SELECT + VACUU·VIEW extended, KF DN 2520700110

Accessories Interfaces and Communication for VACUU·PURE 10C
Accessories VACUU·BUS® and communicationOrder-no.
In-line valve VV-B 15C with KF DN 2520674215
Communication Kit, USB VACUU·BUS converter for communication with VACUU·BUS capable devices20683230


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Safety information for vacuum equipmentmultilingual

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Screw pump VACUU·PURE® 10C