Control Technology

The various vacuum applications in laboratory and industry often require controlled vacuum or pump management for:

  • reproducible results for drying and evaporation processes
  • reduced process times for distillations
  • minimizing foaming and boiling delay  


 Two-point regulation by ON/OFF vacuum pump switching                       

The VNC 2 vacuum controller is primarily used in vacuum networks to switch the server pump on and off as required. Additionally, it can control the flow of cooling water for environmental purposes. Switching of a pump also possible using the CVC 3000 and the VMS-B module. 



Two-point vacuum control via in-line solenoid valve 

The CVC 3000 vacuum controller regulates the vacuum with the classical method of two-point regulation using an electromagnetic in-line valve. The CVC 3000 is easy to use with its jog-wheel control and high-resolution display, a sensor that is highly resistant to chemicals and a programming tool for recurring processes.




VARIO® controller for fully automatic concentration without need for parameter input

VARIO® - diaphragm pumps and - chemistry pumping units precisely regulate the vacuum by adjusting the speed of the diaphragm pump. Its fast and adaptive regulation always provides the optimum volume flow rate regardless of the quantity of vapor or size of the apparatus. The CVC 3000 vacuum controller with the connected VARIO® pump finds the boiling pressure of the solvent to be evaporated fully automatically and constantly adapts the vacuum to the process. Because conditions are always optimized, evaporative applications typically are completed significantly more quickly than with two-point or manual control.