Mounting base A5

The first step is to select the right mounting base. They are used for mounting on or in the wall and they form the link between the vacuum network and vacuum connection.

The mounting base A5 is designed for installation of vacuum networks into laboratory furniture. The network tubing is laid hidden behind walls or underneath the work plate. The vacuum ports are mounted from the front.

Technical data

VCL 01

VCL 02

VCL-B 10

VCL-B 11





Product nameTypeMounting baseOrdering data
Manual flow control moduleVCL 01A520677190
Shut off / manual flow control moduleVCL 02A520677191
Automatic control moduleVCL-B 10A520677292
Automatic / manual flow control moduleVCL-B 11A520677293
Shut off moduleVCL KA520677194
Manual control module for hoodsVCL ARA5 + B820677195
Automatic control module for hoodsVCL-B AE2 x A5 + B820677296
Manual flow control / shut off / gauge moduleVCL RKMA520677197

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-


Our line does not only include the most frequently used VCL modules with A1 and A5 mounting bases as listed above, but also further modules for extension of older networks. Please ask for details.

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