Adaptador com sistema de ejeção para até 8 ponteiras


VACUUBRAND20635679ca. mmca. mmca. kg20635679

This adapter allows parallel operation of eight pipette tips (size 2 - 200 µl or 5 - 300 µl). It is designed to match the dimensions of standardized 96-well microplates and has got a tip ejector to remove the used pipette tips.

Performance features

  • suction power is evenly spread across all pipette tips
  • Completely autoclavable
  • stand and disinfectant reservoir inclusive
  • Low effort for attaching and ejecting the tips


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Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlugOrder no.
VHCpro 8-channel tip adapter with ejector --20635679
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VHCpro adaptador para 8 ponteiras em paralelo com sistema de ejeção