VARIO® Sistema de vácuo com resistência química MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK


VACUUBRAND20696937ca. 420 mmca. 365 mmca. 36 kg20696937

With the new ATEX VARIO® chemistry diaphragm pumps and vacuum systems, the vacuum can be precisely controlled by the motor speed. The VARIO® pump is driven by an additional control signal line. The optional vacuum controller CVC 3000 with system accessories (I/O-Module, supply / isolation amplifier) and ATEX vacuum sensor enable fully automatic evaporations without the need for parameter settings or user programming. With the adaptive control it finds the boiling pressure independently and adjusts the vacuum continuously and optimally according to the vapor pressure.

The vacuum controller and system accessories are installed in a non-hazardous area.

Performance features

  • full advantage of ATEX chemistry diaphragm pumps with separator AK and emission condenser EK
  • VARIO®: short process times due to hysteresis-free VARIO® vacuum control
  • VARIO®: VARIO®-pump operates on demand only as fast as necessary – minimal power consumption, extended maintenance intervals, silent operation
  • VARIO®: Vacuum controller CVC 3000 (optional) for precise vacuum control and fully automatic processes
  • complete system accessories I/O module, supply / isolation amplifier and ATEX vacuum sensor - from one source


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Technical data

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Technical dataUnit MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK
Vacuum controllerwithout controller
Number of heads / stages4 / 3
Max. pumping speedm3/h3.7
Max. pumping speedcfm2.2
Ultimate vacuum (abs.)mbar/torr3 / 2.3
Ultim. vac. (abs.) with gas ballastmbar/torr10 / 7.5
Integral leakage ratembar l/s0.1
Ambient temperature range (operation)°C10 - 40
Ambient temperature range (storage)°C-10 - 60
Max. media temperature°C40
Max. back pressure (abs.)bar1.1
Inlet connectionSmall flange KF DN 25
Outlet connectionHose nozzle DN 8-10 mm
Coolant connection2 x hose nozzle DN 6-8 mm
Rated motor powerkW0.25
Max. operating currentA3.2
Max. starting currentA150A / 2.5ms
Motor speed rangemin-130 - 1500
Rated speedmin-11500
Degree of protectionIP 54
Dimensions (L x W x H), approx.mm600 x 365 x 420
Weight, approx.kg36
Noise level at 50 Hz, typ.dBA42
ATEX conformityPumping chamber (pumped gases): II 2G IIC T3 X
Environment with inert purge gas: II 2G IIB T4 X
Environment without inert purge gas: II 3G IIB T4 X
Motor: II 2G Ex d IIB T4 Gb
Items suppliedPumping unit completely mounted with inlet separator and emission condenser, ready for use, with manual. Shatter and shock protection for glass parts are to be provided by the customer. Speed control via 4-20 mA current loop (4 mA = 0 rpm, 20mA = 1500 rpm). Control signal and mains cable length 10 m, without plugs.
AccessoriesPTFE tubing KF DN 25 (1000 mm: 20686033)
Analog I/O module VACUU·BUS 4-20mA / 0-10V (20635425)
Signal conditioner 0-10V/4-20mA (20635426)
Power/input isolating amplifier 4-20mA (20635427)
Vacuum sensor ATEX +-1 mbar 4-20mA (20635423)
Vacuum sensor ATEX +-3 mbar 4-20mA (20635424)
Vacuum controller CVC 3000 (20635028+20612090)
VACUU·BUS® male plug with cable 2m (20612462)

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Pumping speed graph

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Pumping speed graph

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Pump down graph (100 l volume)

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Pump down graph
(100 l volume)

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Dimension sheet

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Dimension sheet

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Configuration example

MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK - Configuration example

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-

Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlug* Order no.
MD 4C EX VARIO +AK+EK 230 V~ 50 Hz
Open wires 20696937

* Com a introdução de nosso novo sistema de gestão ERP em 2018, nossos números do pedido será alargado a oito dígitos prefixados com os dígitos 2 e 20, respectivamente.

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