VacuuHandControl VHCpro

VacuuHandControl VHC<sup>pro</sup>
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VHCpro VacuuHandControl


VACUUBRAND688061ca. mmca. mmca. kg

The VHCpro is an ergonomic light weight suction handset, fully autoclavable at 121 °C. It is ready for use with 2.5 m flow through and very flexible silicon tube, adapters for graduated, aspiration and pasteur pipettes, adapter for pipette tips, a wall holder for standby-position (keeps the table top free) and clips with adhesive surface to guide the suction tube into the biosafety cabinet neatly. The mechanism of the VHCpro handset is not in contact with contaminated fluids and enables reliable, leak free working.

Performance features

  • light weight and ergonomic for convenient handling
  • permanent suction mode for continuous flow
  • flow through media tube for leak free working
  • autoclavable at 121 °C and 2 bars

Ordering data

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VHCpro 230 V -688061 20688061

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