Your rotary vane (oil-sealed) vacuum pump will give you many years of use with the fewest service interruptions and rebuilds by following the guidelines on VACUUBRAND 7 Golden Rules pump tag

Laboratory vacuum pumps, OEM vacuum pumps and vacuum systems for lab construction - VACUUBRAND, INC.

Intuitive, application-based control...

Automate evaporations, extractions, and distillations

Intuitive, application-based control »
The modern, adaptable alternative to central vacuum

The modern, adaptable alternative to central vacuum...

…VACUU⋅LAN® vacuum networks provide bench, fume hood and BSC vacuum for new and renovated labs, saving energy & isolating applications.

more about modular and energy saving laboratory vacuum networks »
Vacuum pumps for integration into instruments and equipment

Vacuum pumps for integration into instruments and equipment...

…can be provided with power from line voltages or 24 VDC. Variable speed motors can be controlled by our signal or yours. Low vibration, and ultra-long service intervals.

more about integrated (built-in) OEM vacuum pumps in laboratories »
Ultra-low maintenance fine-vacuum pumps

Ultra-low maintenance fine-vacuum pumps...

…the Chemistry-HYBRID pumps deliver vacuum to 10-3 mbar/torr, with 90% fewer oil changes than traditional rotary vane pumps.

more about corrosion resistant chemistry-HYBRID vacuum pumps »
Compact rotary vane pumps are the modern alternative

Compact rotary vane pumps are the modern alternative...

…to traditional pumps three times their size, while offering comparable pumping speed and vacuum capacity.

more about rotary vane vacuum pumps and chemistry-HYBRID pumps »

VACUUBRAND has a 50 year reputation as the innovative expert in vacuum for science. We serve three main communities of users: 

  • scientists in the laboratory who need individual vacuum pumps and pumping systems for research, education, quality control or scale-up programs;
  • equipment and instrumentation manufacturers and integrators who need a vacuum pump as an essential component of their product, and,
  • lab planners and designers who need an adaptable, energy-conserving, multi-user alterative to individual pumps, central vacuum systems and water aspirators.

VACUUBRAND, INC. is the North American affiliate of VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG of Germany. We support our US and Canadian customers with a factory-trained customer service and technical support staff, and provide fast delivery from stock at our corporate headquarters in Essex, CT.

For more information, call us toll-free, or contact us via email.
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