Emission condenser Peltronic


VACUUBRAND20699905ca. 392 mmca. 179 mmca. 4.3 kg20699905

The Peltronic emission condenser performs condensation of solvent vapors without external coolant such as water or dry ice. It works electronically and uses Peltier elements as cooling system. All wetted parts are highly chemically resistant. The condenser is especially designed to be added to existing pumping units and allows the replacement of common condensers working with external coolant. The condenser is ideally suited for applications where cooling water is not available or desired, or in case of cost and productivity concerns associated with dry ice condensers. It is often used to reduce cooling water usage for environmental reasons or to prevent the risk of flooding from cooling water plumbing leakage. This frequently is requested for vacuum networks built into lab furniture. If the Peltronic is connected to a CVC 3000 vacuum controller it is switched on/off automatically on demand.


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Technical data

Unit Converter
Technical dataUnit Peltronic
Ambient temperature range (operation)°C10 - 40
Ambient temperature range (storage)°C-10 - 60
Rated motor powerkW0.16
Protection classIP 20
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm175 x 179 x 392
ATEX conformity (only 230V)II 3/- G IIC T3 X Internal Atm. only
Items suppliedCondenser ready for use with electronic control, status indicator, temperature control, switch, PTFE tubing ready to connect to many VACUUBRAND pumping units, catchpot 500ml, catchpot clamp. Universal power supply; please order power cable separately.
AccessoriesRubber vacuum tubing DN 10 mm (20686002)
PTFE tubing DN 10/8 mm (20638644)
Liquid level sensor (20699908)

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-

Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlugOrder no.
Peltronic 200-230 V~ 50-60 Hz
100-120 V~ 50-60 Hz
IEC plug EN 60320 20699905
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