Analog-I/O-Module 0-10V VACUU·BUS®


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The Analog-I/O-Module is an analog interface for the VACUU·BUS® system of vacuum measuring gauges and controllers. The input and output signal follows the industry standard of 0-10 V. In the default configuration of the module the actual vacuum value is indicated as a 0-10V output. Therefore the controller CVC 3000 and the measuring gauge DCP 3000 can be easily connected to a plotter and used for GMP documentation. Other module configurations allow input and output of vacuum level and motor speed as 0-10V signals.

Performance features

  • analog output of the vacuum measurment as a 0-10 V signal
  • analog setting of the target vacuum as a 0-10 V signal
  • configurable for the input and output of set and/or actual values of the motor speed with VARIO® pumps or VARIO® pumping units
  • resolution of the analog output signal is 2.5 mV
  • color LED status indication


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Technical data

Unit Converter
Technical dataUnit
Items suppliedAnalog-I/O-Module 0-10V VACUU·BUS® complete with cable VACUU·BUS® 2m.

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-

Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlug* Order no.
Analog-I/O-Module 0-10V VACUU·BUS® -VACUU·BUS® 20636229

* As part of the implementation process of our new ERP system in 2018 our catalog numbers were extended to 8 digits in length by adding the digits “2” or “20” to the beginning of the old catalog numbers.

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