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Your rotary vane (oil-sealed) vacuum pump will give you many years of use with the fewest service interruptions and rebuilds by following the guidelines on VACUUBRAND's "7 Golden Rules" pump tag. Tips apply to all rotary vane pumps, including belt drive and direct drive models. When you get your tag and securing tie, just attach it to your pump as a regular reminder of how to care for your vacuum pump.

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Seven Golden Rules

For long pump life when using
oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

  1. Read your manual, check oil and maintain regularly
  2. Warm up pump with inlet blocked to reduce condensation in oil
  3. Use gas ballast (continuous purge) with condensable vapors
  4. Use inlet cold trap to protect pump from corrosive vapors
  5. Protect pump from particulates with an inlet filter/separator
  6. Never block the pump outlet
  7. After application is complete, run pump a few minutes with inlet blocked and gas ballast open to purge solvents from pump

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