VACUU·LAN networks use flexible PTFE tubing and PVDF compression fittings, which make it quick and simple to install a leak-tight vacuum system. Only 10mm diameter is used throughout, so large diameter building-wide tubing runs are eliminated.


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  • Uncompromising chemical resistance
  • Quick and easy installation

Uncompromising chemical resistance

VACUU·LAN networks use durable, chemical-resistant tubing and fittings that hold up to the chemicals used in modern lab facilities, like the organic solvents found in chemistry labs and the corrosive disinfectant and bleaching agents used in life science labs. While the copper pipe used in some vacuum systems corrodes over time and leads to loss of vacuum or contamination problems, the PTFE tubing and PVDF fittings we use hold up and deliver deep vacuum year after year.

Quick and easy installation

Installing our tubing and fittings is quick and easy. A razor cutter and a box wrench are the only tools needed to install a leak-tight VACUU·LAN network. With flexible tubing and compression fittings, installation is far faster than in a copper-piped vacuum system. Most labs can be outfitted with a VACUU·LAN network in less than a day.


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Quick and easy installation

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