VACUU·SELECT user management

The user management is a new extension for our vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT. For the first time, you can individually define access to different applications, functions and authorizations based on user groups.

Benefits of the user management:

  • Flexible permissions for individual requirements
  • Ensure consistent process parameters
  • Customized working environment for every user



Product manager Lukas Kohlhepp explains in 5 minutes
the most important benefits of the
VACUU·SELECT user management.

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The VACUU·SELECT user management is a function extension that is activated separately. Contact us if you would like advice or a quotation.

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Flexible permissions for individual requirements

Multiple users and different applications at one workstation? In such cases, VACUU·SELECT user management is ideal for operating a vacuum controller by consecutive users. It enables customized assignment of permissions for individual requirements.

You can create and save applications individually and select your own favorites. Via user groups, you can then define exactly which applications are available to which users. This makes the operation of the vacuum controller and the shared use of a workstation easier.

If you want to use the same user settings on several VACUU·SELECT controllers, you can simply transfer the settings to other devices.

Ensure consistent process parameters

Is running processes with exactly the same parameters every time important for your tasks? The VACUU·SELECT user management offers you the possibility to prevent unintentional changes.

In the application editor, you can set which parameters can be modified and which cannot. Via the user management you then define who has access to the application editor. This way, you can make sure that the application parameters and process steps are always correct.

With those features the VACUU·SELECT controller meets different requirements in various fields of application: For example, for the reproducibility of processes as well as the transparent documentation of process data.

Customized working environment for every user

So you want to make vacuum control easier for your team? Via the VACUU·SELECT user management, you can selectively assign or block authorizations, applications and functions - for the benefit of easier operation. This allows you to custom-fit the controller's functions for each user group, minimizing the risk of operating errors.

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Activating the function extension

Activating the function extension

Install the latest software

The activation of the user management function extension is available from software version V1.06 / V1.00. You can check the software of your controller in the menu under "Service > Device Information". We recommend to always install the latest software on your VACUU·SELECT controller.

You can find the latest software here

➝ VACUU·SELECT Software Updates

Request license file and license code

If you acquire a license for the function extension VACUU·SELECT User Management, you will receive an authorization code. You can use this code under the following link. You will then receive the license file and the license code necessary for activation from us.

Activate the function extension

You have two options for activating the function extension. You can simply drag the license file onto a USB stick and plug it into the controller. The file is automatically detected and you can start the activation. If you do not have the file or a USB stick at hand, you can alternatively perform the activation by entering the license code.

Manage access and permissions

Create user groups and users

Access to functions and applications is set via user groups. When you create a new user, you must assign it to a user group. Each user is password-protected.

Manage access and permissions

Create and assign individual applications

The application editor allows you to edit existing applications or create new ones. The operation is very simple via drag and drop. For each process step, you can set which parameters can later be modified by the user and which are predefined. Via user groups you can then configure who gets access to the new application and to the application editor.

Transfer user management settings to other devices

Export / import

If you use multiple VACUU·SELECT controllers, you do not have to enter the settings on every device. You can export the configuration of the user groups, users and applications via USB stick and import it on to another VACUU·SELECT controller. The second device also needs the user management activated. The activation is done for each device separately via an individual license file / license code.

Transfer user management settings to other devices

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I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

User passwords can be reset by the admin at any time. If you forget the admin password, you can reset it using your license file or license code.


What is the Default User?

The default user cannot be assigned a password and cannot be deleted. The default user is always freely accessible. As an admin, you can set the permissions for the menu and applications as usual via the corresponding user group "default group". If you do not want to grant access without password, you can also deactivate the default user in the advanced settings.

How do I get the license file / license code?

You can acquire an authorization code directly from VACUUBRAND or via our distribution partners. You can use this to request the license file and the license code necessary for activation from us. The authorization code is not device-specific, but can only be used once. License file and license code are always linked to a specific device. For this reason, we also need the serial number and manufacturing date of your VACUU·SELECT controller in order to generate the license file and license code correctly.

To use an authorization code and request license file and license code, please click here

➝ Use authorization code

Can I use one license file / license code for multiple devices?

No, the license file / license code is always linked to the serial number of one VACUU·SELECT controller.

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VACUU·SELECT user management