High-vacuum pumping unit HP 40 B2 / RZ 6

High-vacuum pumping unit HP 40 B2 / RZ 6
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HP 40 B2 / RZ 6
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HP 40 B2 / RZ 6

VACUUBRAND2612089ca. 460 mmca. 381 mmca. 30.9 kg

High-performance, reliable vacuum equipment is essential for successful and time-saving work in many science laboratories. The VACUUBRAND high-vacuum pumping units satisfy these needs and fulfil practical requirements, while providing high vacuum to 10-6 mbar. These pumping units consist of an air-cooled diffusion pump, a two-stage rotary vane pump as a backing pump and all connecting parts, including high-vacuum valves, ventilation valves, and a bypass line.

Performance features

  • efficient - The powerful rotary-vane backing pumps generate the necessary backing pressure so that the diffusion pump can always attain its full pumping speed and an ultimate vacuum of approx. 10-6 mbar (measured with VACUUBRAND pump fluid and cold trap with liquid nitrogen).
  • fast - The pumping unit has a high-vacuum valve at the inlet and a rough vacuum line (bypass). This makes it particularly efficient for rapid evacuation cycles.
  • clear directions - Smaller experimental set-ups can be mounted directly on the pumping unit. A clearly visible, condensed operating diagram on the housing of the diffusion pump guides your use and helps prevent operating errors. The diffusion pump can only be switched on if the rotary vane pump is running. All valves and switches are operated from the front.
  • compact, sturdy and portable - Pumps, valves and tubing are compactly mounted on a pillar stand. Due to its small overall dimensions, light weight and air cooling, the pumping unit can easily be transported to the systems to be evacuated. The high vacuum pumping units are often used as table-top pumps on laboratory benches so that short vacuum lines can be used.
  • economical - The high vacuum pumping units offer outstanding energy savings due to their low power consumption.

Technical data

Unit Converter
Technical dataUnit HP 40 B2 / RZ 6
Backing pumpRZ 6 + FO
Max. pumping speed of pumping unit in l/s22
Ultimate vacuum (abs.)mbar/torr1 x 10-6 / 0.75 x 10-6
Ambient temperature range (operation)°C12 - 40
Ambient temperature range (storage)°C-10 - 60
Max. back pressure (abs.)bar1.1
Inlet connectionSmall flange KF DN 40
Outlet connectionHose nozzle DN 8-10 mm
Connection of vacuum gauge2 x small flange KF DN 10
Degree of protectionIP 10B
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm445 x 381 x 460
Noise level at 50 Hz, typ.dBA49
Heat-up timemin7
Heating powerkW0.2
Diffusion pump fluid (DP 704)ml30
Items suppliedPumping unit HP 40 B2 with backing pump RZ 6 and oil mist filter completely mounted, ready for use, with manual.
AccessoriesStainless steel tubing KF DN 40 (1000 mm: 673338)
Diffusion pump oil (0.1 l : 687300)
Vacuum gauge DCP 3000 with MPT (683175)
Rubber vacuum tubing DN 8 mm (686001)

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-

Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlug* Old order-no.* New order-no.
HP 40 B2 / RZ 6 230 V~ 50-60 Hz
CEE 2612089 22612089

* As part of the implementation process of our new ERP system in 2018 our catalog numbers are extended to 8 digits in length by adding the digits “2” or “20” to the beginning of the old catalog numbers.

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