Cold traps, separator, filter


Protect your pump and the environment... the inlet

Cold traps SKF - GKF

At inlet pressures below 1 mbar cold traps using dry ice or liquid nitrogen as coolant provide important protection for your pump by separating condensates and aggressive media. Cold traps using liquid nitrogen may be essential with very volatile solvents and reduce the back streaming of oil molecules into the vacuum system. Furthermore a cold trap will considerably increase the effective pumping speed for vapors.

Separator (AK)

Separators at the inlet protect pumps from particulates and droplets which may shorten service intervals and even reduce the lifetime and the operating performance of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps.

  • direct mounting at the inlet, compact and leak-tight
  • high conductance
  • direct visibility of condensate through the transparent catchpot
  • easy draining of condensate the outlet

Oil mist filter (FO)

Exhaust gases from oil-sealed rotary vane pumps always carry a certain quantity of oil mist. This is extremely unpleasant, and even harmful, for those working nearby. VACUUBRAND oil mist filters separate nearly 100% of oil mist at the ultimate vacuum of the pump.

  • very high degree of separation
  • optimal control by transparent catchpot
  • easy draining of oil
  • direct mounting on the oil reservoir outlet
  • integrated pressure relief valve for burst protection in case of blocked filter



Tips to obtain the best vacuum

  • set up the vacuum tubing with maximum cross section. If the cross-section is smaller than the pump inlet, the volume flow rate may be very limited, especially near ultimate vacuum.
  • keep vacuum tubing between your application and the pump as short as possible. The hose length has a major impact on effective volume flow rate.
  • we recommend PTFE corrugated hoses for operations requiring high chemical resistance