Cold traps

At inlet pressures below 1 mbar cold traps using dry ice or liquid nitrogen as coolant provide important protection for your pump by separating condensates and aggressive media. Cold traps using liquid nitrogen may be essential with very volatile solvents and reduce the back streaming of oil molecules into the vacuum system. Furthermore a cold trap will considerably increase the effective pumping speed for vapors.

Particles reduce the lifetime of the oil and increase service demands. The full-flow oil filters efficiently filter micro particles out of the oil. The service indicator helps to avoid unnecessary filter changes. 

SKF H 25   GKF 1000i  




Cold trap SKF

  • sturdy, easy to clean
  • easy to disassemble
  • two-wall design with good conductance
  • long operating time per coolant filling
  • easy condensate drainage without disassembling


Cold trap GKF

  • highly reflective insulation jacket for extended coolant life
  • vertical window: Direct observation of condensate and coolant levels
  • PTFE stopcock: Drain condensate without disassembly
  • sheet metal shield for protection against external damage and implosion



Inlet   Small flange KF DN 25 Small flange KF DN 40 NS 29/32 female ground joint
Outlet   Small flange KF DN 25 Small flange KF DN 40 Glass tube 22 mm
Materials   Stainless steel, FKM, NBR Stainless steel, FKM, NBR Borosilicate glass, PTFE, FKM
Volume catchpot ml 500 500 250
Coolant capacity ml 1000 1000 1000
Typ. coolant life h 12 h 12 h 14 h
Dimensions (L x W x H), approx. mm 166 x 140 x 303 166 x 140 x 319 D 148 x 580



SKF H 25 20667051
SKF H 40 20667053
GKF 1000i 20667056

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