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Lab-specific vacuum supply

University of Liverpool uses innovative VACUU·LAN® solution
Digitally controlled vacuum supply for fume cupboards

Digitally controlled vacuum supply for fume cupboards

For the first time, VACUUBRAND has developed a vacuum concept for the prestigious Regius Chair Laboratory at the University of Liverpool. In cooperation with Clean Air Ltd. and Medical Pipeline Services Ltd., the company implemented a laboratory-specific VACUU·LAN® network solution as well as a single-user solution. The whole vacuum concept includes multiple applications such as filtration, evaporation and distillation.

Karim Bahou, Research Coordinator at University of Liverpool, about vacuum technology by VACUUBRAND

The "Regius Chair of Chemistry" is one of the rare chairs endowed by a British monarch. The laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry at the University of Liverpool received this honorary title from Queen Elizabeth II. The research group, led by Professor John Bower, maintains a modern equipment system that meets the highest quality standards. This is helped by the customized APEX 2 fume cupboards from Clean Air and the innovative VACUU·LAN vacuum system from VACUUBRAND.

Georgina Cape, Area Sales Manager for VACUUBRAND says: “Liverpool University already had for several decades many VACUU·LAN solutions from VACUUBRAND which have proved to be incredibly robust and reliable. The new state-of-the-art Regius Laboratory gave us a brilliant opportunity to put the latest breakthroughs in vacuum technology into place, offering an unsurpassed technical solution for the Research group. The integrated touchscreen controller really takes VACUU·LAN to a new level of control and is so easy to use”.

Three individual vacuum solutions

The vacuum concept for the University of Liverpool consists of three vacuum solutions:

  • Filtration and evaporation are based on two VACUU·LAN multi-user networks where one pump supplies several working stations.
  • For high vacuum distillation including secondary drying there is a single-user solution with one pump for every application.

All three vacuum supply solutions work within the fume cupboards to ensure that the researchers are safely supplied with the necessary vacuum. They can control many of the applications via a modern touchscreen vacuum controller.

Raymond Chung, a Postdoctoral Researcher within the laboratory says: “The vacuum system is an extremely valuable piece of laboratory equipment for a chemist, allowing us to monitor and control the vacuum pressure precisely using the touchscreen control panel.”

VACUUBRAND diaphragm pump in the base cabinet

VACUUBRAND diaphragm pump in the base cabinet

Vacuum network for filtration

The first VACUU·LAN network provides the required vacuum for filtration (down to 70 mbar): A powerful and chemically resistant diaphragm pump ME16C VARIO select supplies all 22 fume cupboards in the laboratory. Each fume cupboard has a chemically resistant VACUU·LAN outlet with adjustable manual flow control and integrated non-return valve.

VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller on the front panel

VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller on the front panel

Vacuum network for evaporation

The second VACUU·LAN network provides vacuum down to 1.5 mbar for the evaporation of high-boiling solvents: Chemically resistant diaphragm pumps PC3004 VARIO select ensure that all fume hoods receive the necessary vacuum supply. The researchers can set their application via intuitive VACUU·SELECT vacuum controllers on the front panel. This gives them precise, programmable vacuum.

VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller on the front panel

VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller on the front panel

Vacuum supply for distillation

The third vacuum supply is a single-user solution for high-vacuum distillations requiring a fine vacuum (down to 0.002 mbar): Each fume hood has its own rotary vane pump RZ6, with a high-flow connection in each unit. These applications are also connected to and controlled from VACUU·SELECT touchscreen controllers mounted on the front panel.

The VACUU·LAN options are easy to use and quiet in operation.

Ross Adams, PhD student at the University of Liverpool

Full-range supply of vacuum systems for every need

For us at VACUUBRAND, comprehensive advice and support are our top priority. We have decades of experience as a full-range supplier of vacuum systems in the laboratory. That is why are able to support both users and planners – from conception to installation. Close and efficient collaboration with all involved laboratory providers is an essential part of our quality philosophy. With our highly flexible, modular vacuum systems, we always find the right solution for you.

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