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Our young colleagues at VACUUBRAND tell their stories
Young colleagues talk about their training experience at VACUUBRAND

Young colleagues talk about their training experience at VACUUBRAND

Every year, young people embark on their training education programs at VACUUBRAND in Wertheim. Their professional training will become the cornerstone of their future careers. As a medium-sized company operating globally, taking good care of those who are at the beginning of their careers is a top priority for us. What is more, we support their continued development as part of the concept of lifelong learning. So what experiences do our trainees take forward as they pursue their careers? How does life look after successful graduation? Here, some of our colleagues tell the stories of their professional journeys, from training to the launch of their careers as industrial clerks, mechanics or warehouse logistics specialists.

Louis Gräßler, Industrial Clerk at VACUUBRAND

Louis Gräßler, Industrial Clerk at VACUUBRAND

Louis Gräßler, Industrial Clerk in Internal Sales

I knew from an early stage that I wanted to start a professional training program right after finishing school and earn my own money. I was interested in business both in respect of the technical environment and commercial aspects. This is why an “Industrial Clerk” training program seemed to be the best choice for me. I took part in a coordinated training program involving the sister company BRAND. Today I work in Internal Sales which I like very much: On the one hand, I interact with customers, and on the other hand, I have a good understanding of the technical background for the product and applications.

There were several highlights during my specialization year at VACUUBRAND: I got a chance to accompany several colleagues from Sales and Service on field service trips, whether to distributor exhibitions or directly to customer sites. For example, we visited the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) where our vacuum pumps are used to generate the pre-vacuum for turbomolecular pumps at the particle accelerator*. All these experiences allowed me to witness first hand how our products support our customers and how they benefitted from that. This has encouraged me to pursue a career in Sales that stays close to the customer.

Today, I am in charge of the Latin America, Spain and Portugal sales region, supporting the Regional Sales Director. I am responsible for the entire process from preparing proposals and generating orders through to order processing. This sales region is rather challenging because of the large geographical distances, cultural differences and different time zones. There are always new challenges emerging, such as payment conditions or logistics. But by working closely with the other experienced colleagues on my team, these challenges can be overcome quickly.

*Particle accelerator: a system used to investigate the laws of physics and the nature of matter. Inside an accelerator there is usually a vacuum which allows electrically charged particles to be accelerated to high speeds without being deflected or causing significant friction.

Training Industrial Clerk
Maximilian Gerberich, Industrial Mechanic at VACUUBRAND

Maximilian Gerberich, Industrial Mechanic at VACUUBRAND

Maximilian Gerberich, Industrial Mechanic in Production

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. This is why I decided to train as an Industrial Mechanic. I had the knowledge from my brother, who was already working at VACUUBRAND, that there was a master technician in charge of the technical training who was 100 percent dedicated to supporting the trainees and their careers. I spent my first years in the training workshop learning all the basics from the bottom up: Processing various materials, making and assembling components from drawings, and selecting and applying measurement and testing devices.

For my next career steps at VACUUBRAND I chose the Production department where at first I worked on simple machine tools in machining. Then I gradually began to learn how to operate equipment with more complex control systems and components and how to set them up properly. Things then got really exciting when I was able to join the coordination team in charge of setting up a new, robot-equipped automation cell*. This task was a giant step for me since it involved requesting quotes and discussing details with suppliers, something that was entirely new to me. It was fascinating to be part of the entire process from planning to ordering, and through to final commissioning of this equipment. And it’s still fun today, because there are always new challenges emerging with this project.

*Automation cell at VACUUBRAND: A robot interacts with a machine tool and a testing device during the part production process and handles much of the manufacturing flow.

Training Industrial Mechanic
Lena Ditterich, Warehouse Logistics Specialist at VACUUBRAND, riding our milk run train, also called “Racing Bun”.

Lena Ditterich, Warehouse Logistics Specialist at VACUUBRAND, riding our milk run train, also called “Racing Bun”.

Lena Ditterich, Warehouse Logistics Specialist in Incoming Goods

I am a very active person and I like to keep moving. This is why I was looking for a job that wouldn’t force me to sit in an office eight hours a day. Listening to my parents’ intriguing stories about work opportunities in warehousing and logistics made me curious. I therefore decided to train as a warehouse logistics specialist at VACUUBRAND. It has paid off: The young team was very welcoming, and my colleagues took me around to show me everything. I was immediately impressed, especially by the automated small parts warehouse. You don’t find such a leading-edge storage system at many other companies. I learned a lot during my training years: how to properly receive and check the goods, how to store and collect them, and how to pick*, package and load orders. Operating fork trucks or our milk run train* to supply material to the shop floor is all part of this.

After finishing my training program, I started working in Incoming Goods because it is such a varied occupation. For example, when they deliver metal rod raw material that is seven meters long, I have to be flexible enough to understand how to handle this special shipment properly. I also like that as a warehouse logistics specialist at VACUUBRAND I’m always on the move. Every day I get recognition from my colleagues who demonstrate that they trust me to handle new tasks and to do a good job. My medium-term goal is to become a master warehouse specialist. But for now I am happy gaining more experience.

*Order picking: The process of selecting individual articles from the automated small parts warehouse for a specific customer or manufacturing order.

*Milk run train: a vehicle that consists of a tractor and trailers. It travels from stop to stop throughout the shop floor, delivering material to the Production, Assembly and Shipping departments.

Training Warehouse Logistics Specialist

Reasons for a training at VACUUBRAND

"Motivated and qualified employees are the cornerstone of our success. That's why we attach great importance to our training and development program," explains Luisa Christoph from the HR department at BRAND International*: "We accompany and support our career starters intensively so that they can develop both personally and professionally." It is important for us that we offer them a good working atmosphere, interesting tasks and an attractive work-life balance.

At VACUUBRAND, new employees can expect a familiar environment with a value-oriented and sustainable corporate culture. Short communication channels and flat hierarchies ensure a direct line to colleagues and superiors. Jobs with varied activities offer both freedom for independent work and company training as part of our lifelong learning philosophy.

* BRAND International: The Shared Services company provides the company group with shared services for HR issues, among other things.


Highlights of the training at VACUUBRAND:

  • Own training workshop (industrial mechanics) with modern equipment
  • Supervision by our own master trainer
  • Highly respected workshop and training in the region
  • IHK examination company for industrial mechanics
  • Programs in 17 different departments at VACUUBRAND and its sister company BRAND


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