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Vacuum products in Bella Italia

Long cooperation between Deltek and VACUUBRAND
Deltek and VACUUBRAND as partners for high-quality vacuum products (from left to right: Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto, Björn Dewes)

Deltek and VACUUBRAND as partners for high-quality vacuum products (from left to right: Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto, Björn Dewes)

The perfect match: Like Maserati and Mercedes, torrone and gingerbread, passion and precision. The two companies Deltek and VACUUBRAND complement each other perfectly. They are connected by a German-Italian friendship and long-standing business relationship. In the interview we talked to Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto. His favorite product is the PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit, though he is a fan of the entire portfolio of vacuum equipment. However, what matters most to him and his customers is the high quality.

Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto is founder and Sales Director of Deltek srl. The company offers a wide range of scientific equipment and chemical products. It distributes vacuum devices exclusively from VACUUBRAND. In his free time Francesco enjoys skiing, free diving and cooking. One of his fun goals would be to experiment with food in the company's own lab: For example, cooking typical tomato sauce from Naples in a rotary evaporator or processing mushrooms into delicious powder in a freeze dryer.

Björn Dewes is a mechanical engineer with prior experience in sales in various industries. As a result, he has already traveled widely to many continents. Today he is working at VACUUBRAND as a sales manager responsible for several countries in Europe and the Middle East. In his personal life, Björn enjoys traveling with his family, skiing, and gardening.

How do Italian customers benefit from the cooperation?

Deltek booth at the Organic Chemistry Conference in Turin with VACUUBRAND products

Deltek booth at the Organic Chemistry Conference in Turin with VACUUBRAND products

Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto: We have been working closely together for 25 years. Since 2017 I have distributed the vacuum equipment through my own company Deltek. The cooperation is really exceptional because it has been very good from the beginning and has deepened over the years. I would say it is characterized by a very friendly way to manage business and a high level of manufacturing precision. This also means we have consistently provided the highest quality for more than 25 years! Our customers are very satisfied with the VACUUBRAND products and require little to no help using them. The maintenance of the pumps is also very easy and well organized through the German team. I’m completely happy with the cooperation with VACUUBRAND.

Björn Dewes: Our two companies are linked closely by a strong trusting relationship. Consequently, we feel that we have a very good presence in the Italian market. You can see this from the fact that our market share is growing year on year. The Deltek team also participates in many conferences and trade fairs with VACUUBRAND products. In the past we have attended many of these events together as a team and we plan to do more of this in future and can hopefully meet many customers in person this year.

Best seller in Italy: PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit

Best seller in Italy: PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit

Which vacuum devices are particularly popular?

Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto: The complete product range is interesting for our customers both in companies and universities. The PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit is the best seller in Italy. It is also my favorite product, because it is a complete solution with inlet separator, exhaust vapor condenser and intelligent vacuum control. It simply works: With this I mean that it really avoids bumping and creation of foaming inside the evaporator flask – unlike other less advanced products.

Generally speaking, our customers are looking for high-quality products. They expect a service life of say 20 years. And we actually have many examples of customers from universities in Italy using products that are several decades old. Maybe we have found one of the most ancient pumps of VACUUBRAND: a MC 2 chemically resistant diaphragm pump from the 80’s at the University of Naples Federico II.

Björn Dewes: The structure of the Italian laboratory market is slightly different than in Germany. We don't have large orders from a big chemical company, but rather lots of orders from many customers for smaller projects. In the case of universities, for example, that is because the professors typically manage their own budget for a few pumps and not for the whole facility.

Are there new products for your customers' applications?

Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto: The dry VACUU·PURE screw pump is an interesting innovation especially for use on Schlenk lines or freeze dryers. Some customers are also evaluating it for physical applications, e.g. for laser systems and for synchrotron particle accelerators. VACUU·PURE offers many advantages over other devices such as scroll pumps: For example it is designed without wear parts and therefore does not require any service.

Björn Dewes: VACUU·PURE has opened up many new fields of application. We already have good experiences with it in physics in other countries. We believe that our Italian customers will also be convinced by this new screw pump. Aside from that, we are of course always pleased when all of our products support customers in their diverse applications.


We would like to thank Dr. Francesco de Luca di Roseto and Björn Dewes for the interview.