Women in technical support

Our colleague at VACUUBRAND reports
At VACUURBAND, women are engaged in technical professions.

At VACUURBAND, women are engaged in technical professions.

Women and technology go well together: This was already addressed in one of our previous blog posts. We are happy to build on the topic and today we are talking to Alexandra Fluhrer, who has been working at VACUUBRAND for over 20 years. She provides technical support in the service department to help our customers around the world get the most out of our products. Alexandra talks about her personal experiences as a woman in a technical professional environment.

Alexandra Fluhrer completed an apprenticeship at the BRAND company and then moved to VACUUBRAND. She is a service employee in the position "Technical Support". Remotely, she advises customers worldwide and finds solutions – from simple spare parts to complex fault diagnostics. She deals with problem cases and complaints and supports projects in which products are optimized through customer experience. In her interface function, she communicates intensively with product management and engineering as well as quality assurance and logistics. She is also jointly responsible for customer training. In her spare time, she enjoys art history and is a passionate traveler.

How did you get into the technical profession?

Alexandra: I completed a commercial apprenticeship and also worked in sales for several years. When the service area was expanded, I took on additional tasks here right from the start. In order to get to know the products better, I came to the assembly department for thorough training. So I got to know VACUUBRAND in detail from the technical side. I assembled and disassembled equipment and even got dirty sometimes (laughs). In the end, I switched completely to the service area because I find it totally exciting there. I'm constantly learning, and technical support is a broad field. But I still benefit from my commercial knowledge today, for example in areas such as logistics and export.

What is special as a woman in a "man’s world"?

Alexandra: I notice today that times have changed. When I started my career, I sometimes had the impression that I wasn't taken seriously by everyone. But then my department manager always supported me and motivated me to tackle the challenges. That's why I grew with every task and gained experience and standing over time. I was pleased to see that I was convincing with my skills.

What is it like working in STEM professions at VACUUBRAND?

Alexandra: In the service department we are two girls and four guys. Everyone has equal rights: Whether we're calling customers, carrying a heavy table or baking a cake (laughs). I can also think of many female colleagues from other departments, such as engineering, assembly or the warehouse. A lot has changed in the past decades, we are far away from stereotypes here at VACUUBRAND.

What does the job mean to you?

Alexandra: I am very attached to my job, where there is never a dull moment. There are new projects and challenges on a regular basis. Of course, the positive feedback is especially gratifying. A customer once thanked me for helping him with a problem over ten years ago. He still remembers that today. That's something that keeps me going.

Is there a need for more support for women?

Alexandra: I think we are past that point. Women choose the profession in which they are interested. For example, there are many who work as truck drivers, pilots or programmers. I also know female customers who have very responsible positions in technical areas, and some work in service, like me.


Thank you very much for the interview.

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