Controladores de vacío


Simply under control!

The diverse vacuum applications in laboratory and industrial use often require controlled vacuum or pump management for: 

  • time savings and shorter process time
  • reproducible results in drying and evaporation processes
  • minimization of foaming and boiling delay 

The newly developed vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT® makes vacuum control even easier.

VACUU·SELECT® - the interactively operable controller for all vacuum processes in the laboratory - with touch display and user-friendly user interface. Suitable for all VACUUBRAND pumps and pumping units in the laboratory, but also for applications with existing vacuum sources and -networks.

A solution that always works!




And this is how it works:  

Two-point control via an inline solenoid valve

The VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller regulates the vacuum via two-point control method by opening and closing an in-line solenoid valve. The hysteresis, the pressure difference between the two points for opening and closing the valve, is optimized by the controller. The inevitable pressure fluctuations are minimized. In evaporation processes, the boiling points are automatically detected by VACUUBRAND control.




Speed controlled VARIO pumps and -pumping units

VARIO - diaphragm pumps and - chemistry pumping units with VACUU·SELECT precisely regulate the vacuum by adjusting the speed of the diaphragm pump. Its fast and adaptive regulation always provides the optimum volume flow rate regardless of the quantity of vapor or size of the apparatus. Because conditions are always optimized, evaporative applications typically are completed significantly more quickly than with two-point or manual control.





Fully automatic evaporation through adaptive control - without setting parameters

By choosing the application "Automatic evaporation", the vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT in combination with our VARIO pumps detects fully automatically the solvent boiling pressure or even several boiling points of a solvent mixture. It adjusts the vacuum continuously to the process. A readjustment of the vacuum is completely unnecessary. The user has more time for other laboratory tasks






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