Vacuum for analytics

Vacuum free of hydrocarbons

Our diaphragm and screw pumps run 100% oil-free and have no abrasive seals to cause abrasion. They are therefore ideal for clean processes that require dry and hydrocarbon-free vacuum.


Durable and low maintenance

Our vacuum pumps stand for reliability and durability. They have long maintenance intervals and thus support uninterrupted operation of your analysis devices.


Schraubenpumpe VACUU·PURE 10 Turbopumpe

Fore vacuum for high vacuum systems

Screw and diaphragm pumps are also ideal as backing pumps. The VACUU·PURE screw pump offers oil- and abrasion-free ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar.



OEM and built-in solutions

We customize the pump to your requirements: For over 50 years, OEM partners in the laboratory, analytical and industrial sectors have relied on the quality of our products.


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