VACUUBRAND Historie 1964


Milestones in our history

VACUUBRAND Pumpe Historie 1961

1961 | The beginnings at BRAND

Vacuum technology as a new business field

VACUUBRAND was founded in the early 1960s as a trademark of the BRAND company in Wertheim. Since then, we have been passionately dedicated to the development of innovative vacuum technology. The focus on chemical process engineering and the development of the first chemically resistant diaphragm pump were groundbreaking for the development of our company.

VACUUBRAND Logo Historie

1985 | VACUUBRAND becomes independent

The foundation of VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG

With innovative and high-quality products, the business expands so strongly in the following years that VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG is spun off as an independent company on January 1, 1985. This was an important decision, as it allowed us to concentrate even more on developing new products and first-class services for you.

VACUUBRAND Gebäude Historie

1992 | Move to Alfred-Zippe-Straße

VACUUBRAND gets its own location

The success story continues: in 1992, VACUUBRAND moves into its own buildings in Alfred-Zippe-Straße in Wertheim. These provide sufficient space for product development as well as extensive production and logistics. At the same time, it is the starting signal for the further expansion of the company.

VACUUBRAND Gebäude Kleinteilelager

2015 | Transformation to the "VACUUBRAND Lean Factory"

Fit for industry 4.0

In 2015, the ground-breaking ceremony is held for the largest construction measures on our company premises to date. At 2.400 square meters, production is expanded by around a third. An automated small parts warehouse and numerous modernizations in our work processes are also created. In order to exploit the full potential of the new systems, we are introducing SAP S4/HANA as the ERP system in all areas in 2018. With our "VACUUBRAND Lean Factory", we are ideally equipped for the future.

Over 60 years of innovation in vacuum technology:

1961 | The first VACUUBRAND vacuum pump

At that time still under the banner of BRAND

1982 | Chemically resistant diaphragm pump

A revolution for the chemistry laboratory

1988 | Pumping unit with controller and solvent recovery

Standard for many applications to this day

1988 | Chemistry-HYBRID pump

Combination of rotary vane pump and chemistry diaphragm pump


1994 | Local vacuum network VACUU·LAN

Efficient vacuum supply for multiple workstations

1996 | VARIO vacuum control

High-precision vacuum control via the motor speed of the pump

1998 | Fluid aspiration systems for laboratories

More safety when working with cell cultures


2002 | Built-in pumps

VACUUBRAND becomes an OEM partner

2003 | ATEX chemistry diaphragm pumps

Chemistry diaphragm pumps with ATEX approval equipment category 2

2009 | Chemically resistant sensor for the fine vacuum range

The basis for today's fine vacuum gauges

Modulare Prozesspumpe VAC 24seven

2015 | Modular process pumping system VAC 24seven

Up to 6 chemistry diaphragm pumps are combined modularly to simplify work in pilot plants and kilo labs

2018 | VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller

Control vacuum processes simply and efficiently

Schraubenpumpe VACUU·PURE 10C

2021 | VACUU·PURE screw pump

The first oil-free and chemically resistant vacuum pump for the fine vacuum range