Flüssigkeitsabsaugsystem BVC


Vacuum in the biopharma sector

Membranpumpe PC 3001 VARIO select Anwendung

Oil-free operation, clean processes

Our oil-free diaphragm and screw pumps are not only chemically resistant, they also offer the best conditions for clean processes and the extraction of pure products.


Flüssigkeitsabsaugsystem BVC

Working safely with cell cultures

Safe and efficient aspiration of liquid supernatants: BVC systems are specially designed for use in biochemical laboratories.


Membranpumpe PC 3001 VARIO select

Reproducible, efficient processes

With our VACUU·SELECT controller, you can easily set the desired target pressure or create and save individual processes.



Vacuum networks for laboratories

With our flexible VACUU·LAN vacuum network, you can supply several workstations with one vacuum pump. You save costs and work space.


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