Flüssigkeitsabsaugsystem BVC

Fluid aspiration systems

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Flüssigkeitsabsaugsystem BVC
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BVC fluid aspiration systems

A safe system

All components of the BVC are designed for use in the biochemical laboratory and are perfectly compatible to each other. The result is a well designed, vacuum-tight system with safe connections where no critical substances can leak out or undesirable bacteria can grow. Depending on the safety requirements, the BVC systems are available with different equipment and can safely be used in biological areas of safety protection levels 1 (S1) to 3 (S3).

All systems are available either with a vacuum-resistant, autoclavable 4l PP bottle or with a 2l borosilicate glass bottle, e.g., for working with aggressive disinfectants such as chlorine bleach. BVC's collection bottle can be easily and safely disconnected and reconnected for disposal of liquid biological waste. Simple extensive cleaning and disinfection of the components.

Our equipment is designed to be placed outside the workbench. This saves space on the work surface and the low-turbulence air flow of the safety cabinet remains unaffected. In contrast, individually created, non-standardized extraction devices often harbor unexpected risks in this respect.

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Flüssigkeits-Absaugsystem BVC professional

BVC professional

For maximum safety

For maximum safety and optimum biocontainment, BVC professional has the same basic equipment and a powerful chemistry diaphragm pump as BVC control. Added features include a non-contact liquid level sensor, a disinfection routine for the suction hose and self-closing quick couplings for maximum safety and biocontainment.

Flüssigkeits-Absaugsystem BVC control

BVC control

With integrated chemistry diaphragm pump

BVC control is equipped with a powerful chemistry diaphragm pump. This is known for its very long service life - even when working with aggressive disinfectants. The suction power can be precisely adjusted using the touch panel.

Flüssigkeits-Absaugsystem BVC basic

BVC basic

For existing vacuum sources

BVC basic is designed for use with external vacuum sources and enables safe aspiration of fluid supernatants. An additional electrical connection is not necessary.

Flüssigkeitsabsaugsysteme BVC Tabelle EN


BVC fluid aspiration systems
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Basically, suitability always depends on the applicable regulations for the respective work area. Depending on the requirements and equipment, the BVC systems can be used in laboratories of safety levels 1 to 3. The BVC professional offers the highest level of safety. It is additionally equipped with safety-relevant accessories such as a non-contact level sensor and self-locking quick couplings. For work with critical substances, the BVC systems also have a connection on the rear side via which the exhaust air can be discharged separately.

Both systems have an integrated chemistry diaphragm pump. The suction force can be precisely adjusted via the touch panel.

BVC professional is additionally equipped with a non-contact level sensor, a disinfection routine for the suction hose and self-closing quick couplings for maximum safety and optimum biocontainment.

Both the VHCpro handle and the collection bottle with connectors are autoclavable. The filter can also be autoclaved up to 20 times. When autoclaving, you must ensure that the pressure between the collection bottle and the autoclave is equalized. This is done by simply loosening the screw cap.

The choice between the PP and the glass bottle depends on the media that will be aspirated. In most cases, the chemical resistance of the PP bottle is absolutely sufficient. The glass bottle is also suitable for working with particularly aggressive disinfectants such as chlorine bleach. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass and has a shatterproof coating and leak protection.

An 8-channel adapter for pipette tips with ejector is available as an accessory. It is designed for parallel aspiration with eight pipette tips (size 2-200 µl or 5-300 µl) from 96-well microtitration plates of standardized size. It is equipped with an ejector for removing the pipette tips.


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