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„Green“ vacuum in South Korea

20 year partnership of SULIM COMMERCE and VACUUBRAND
VACUUBRAND visiting distribution partner SULIM COMMERCE (from left to right: Jong-Hoon Jeong, Young-Jin Cho, Jung-Woo Lee, Carsten Ruth, Christian Ehret)

VACUUBRAND visiting distribution partner SULIM COMMERCE (from left to right: Jong-Hoon Jeong, Young-Jin Cho, Jung-Woo Lee, Carsten Ruth, Christian Ehret)

We celebrate 20 years of a successful partnership: Since 2003, SULIM COMMERCE has been our premium distributor in South Korea and is entirely supplied by us. As a local expert, it supplies laboratory distributors and end customers throughout the country with the best products from VACUUBRAND. The goal is to offer high-end technology in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and biology. The focus on sustainable vacuum pumps runs like a thread through the company's history.

Sustainable vacuum products for 20 years

The company name of our premium partner in South Korea says it all: SULIM (수림) means "green". The family-owned company has dedicated itself to this principle. For 20 years, it has been selling sustainable vacuum products solely from VACUUBRAND. "At that time in South Korea, we replaced the old vacuum technology of water jet pumps with the new, environmentally friendly diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND," recounts company founder Jung-Woo Lee. This was the start of the Asian company's joint success story with the German manufacturer. Specifically, it was the MZ 2C pump unit, which represented a revolution as the first oil-free and chemically resistant diaphragm pump. This was later followed by other efficient and sustainable solutions in the form of the speed-controlled VARIO® pumps, which save time and electricity through demand-based vacuum control.

An oil-free screw pump trend

Currently, the next Green Deal is on the horizon, according to Jung-Woo Lee: "My personal favorite product today is the new VACUU·PURE screw pump. It is the first absolutely oil-free and chemically resistant vacuum pump for vacuum down to 10-3 mbar. We expect it to gradually replace rotary vane pumps in this field over the next decade." Similar to the case of water jet pumps back then, once again an advanced technology from VACUUBRAND is the solution for less environmentally friendly types of pumps.

Following the product launch of the new screw pump in 2020, SULIM COMMERCE has already been able to meet important needs in the market. This is because VACUU·PURE® is an efficient and sustainable solution for customers: With the dry screw pump, they can avoid oil changes as well as vapors and contamination in the laboratory. Thanks to its high chemical compatibility, the pump also does not require a cold trap. This eliminates the need for dry ice and liquid nitrogen, which is especially helpful for overnight experiments. In addition, the screw pump was able to remedy the situation for customers who were using aging and noisy rotary vane pumps, where the new product scored with lower noise development. Overall, the demand for the new screw pump is enormous. Many customers in South Korea are already using VACUU·PURE® for oil-free fine vacuum.

Large market share in South Korea

Rising demand for high-quality and sustainable products in Korea

Rising demand for high-quality and sustainable products in Korea

SULIM COMMERCE has relied on the innovative products of VACUUBRAND from the very beginning. At first, the vacuum devices still had a relatively low level of awareness. However, interest in high-quality and sustainable products increased: Currently, our market share in the Korean chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries is 50 to 60 percent.

These are not just simple pumps for applications such as rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens, filtration or Schlenk Line. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to perform their laboratory experiments safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Christian Ehret, Area Sales Manager at VACUUBRAND, says: "Many customers are now using VARIO® pumps with on-demand speed control and an interactive vacuum controller. They are very satisfied with the unique automatic control and the good ultimate vacuum." Many OEM customers are also incorporating VACUUBRAND vacuum pumps as part of their solution. This is increasingly happening with solar cells, lithium batteries, mass spectrometers, gas samplers, etc. These examples are utilizing diaphragm pumps such as the MD 1C VARIO-SP or MD 12C NT VARIO select.

Close contact to the customer

The success of our vacuum technology is no coincidence. Jihyun (Jenny) Jeong, daughter-in-law of company founder Jung-Woo Lee, reports: "South Korea is a country that invests in the development of new technologies, in science and laboratories. Nevertheless, sustainability and environmental protection are not taken for granted. To promote "green" vacuum, we support about 20 different trade shows, symposiums and conferences every year."

In addition, the family business maintains a close relationship with its existing and future customers. In addition to direct business, it also provides customer service and cultivates its image. "A big part of our work is collaborating with various laboratory distributors. This enables us to supply our pumps throughout the country. In addition, we visit schools and universities, creating a good image of our vacuum pumps right from the start. This is something we are proud of: we don't just sell VACUUBRAND products, we are VACUUBRAND in South Korea."