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Renewable energies

Vacuum in the field of renewable energies

Battery research and production

Our chemically resistant vacuum pumps are suitable for a variety of different process steps in the development of battery technologies and battery production, e.g. material drying, cell filling processes and leak testing.


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Coating of solar cells

Clean vacuum is important for coating processes in order to avoid unwanted particle deposits. Our oil-free vacuum pumps are ideally suited for the range down to 10-3 mbar and impress with their long service life and low maintenance requirements.



Fore vacuum for high vacuum systems

Our diaphragm and screw pumps run 100% oil-free and have no abrasive seals that cause abrasion. They are therefore ideal as clean backing pumps. The VACUU·PURE screw pump offers dry and hydrocarbon-free ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar.


OEM and built-in solutions

We customize the pump to your requirements: For over 50 years, OEM partners in the laboratory, analytical and industrial sectors have relied on the quality of our products.


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