Schraubenpumpe VACUU·PURE 10 Turbopumpe

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As a backing pump, the VACUU·PURE screw pump provides a clean ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar. It combines three important advantages for the user: 100% oil-free, no abrasion, no wear parts. VACUU·PURE is ideal for clean processes that require dry and hydrocarbon-free vacuum. The spindles of the screw pump run contact-free and are therefore both abrasion-free and wear-free. VACUU·PURE has been specially developed for processes in the vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar, but can also be operated at higher pressures for longer periods. Even larger systems can be evacuated from atmospheric pressure down to the 10-3 mbar vacuum range without changing the vacuum pump. The chemically resistant version VACUU·PURE 10C is available for working with aggressive media.

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Schraubenpumpe VACUU·PURE 10 Turbopumpe

Backing pumps for high vacuum systems

The details make the difference

A deep, clean fore vacuum is key to the ultimate vacuum that can be achieved and the purity in high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum systems.

The backing pump for turbomolecular pumps must be selected to match their maximum permissible fore vacuum. With small gas flows, the ultimate vacuum of the backing pump is also decisive for the achievable ultimate vacuum of the overall system.

The pumping speed determines both the pump-down time and the maximum amount of gas that can be pumped by the pump system in continuous operation. If the backing pump cannot handle the gas volume, the fore vacuum at the turbomolecular pump increases, which can lead to the pump being overloaded and switched off. It is advantageous for the backing pump to maintain a constantly high pumping speed down to low suction pressures.

In addition to the performance data, clean and hydrocarbon-free vacuum is required for many applications, especially in physics. Oil-free pump types are therefore generally preferable in order to avoid contamination from oil vapors. It is also important to ensure that the pump does not generate any abrasion that enters the vacuum system.

To enable continuous operation and avoid interruptions in the overall system, the backing pump should be as reliable, durable and low maintenance as possible. If aggressive gases are being pumped, a chemically resistant vacuum pump is required.

Diaphragm pumps meet all these requirements perfectly for fore vacuums down to approx. 1 mbar. The VACUU·PURE screw pump offers dry and hydrocarbon-free ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar.

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