Interview with our colleague Sainathan Konar
Sainathan Konar (middle) with his colleagues Nilay Mondal and Rajasekhar Nadella at Asia Lab Expo 2022 in Bangalore, India.

Sainathan Konar (middle) with his colleagues Nilay Mondal and Rajasekhar Nadella at Asia Lab Expo 2022 in Bangalore, India.

VACUUBRAND supports customers internationally. As part of the Brand Group, we have experts in vacuum technology in numerous offices around the world – in Europe, North America and Asia. Since 2012, Sainathan Konar is our expert for the laboratory & process vacuum business in India. In this interview, he talks about market characteristics, working methods and the German-Indian collaboration.

Sainathan Konar is Head of Portfolio and Product Management at BRAND Scientific Equipment for the laboratory & process vacuum portfolio of VACUUBRAND in India. Sainathan supports customers as well as the sales and service team to ensure excellent levels of consultancy and support in a highly technical product segment. Sainathan recently completed his 10 years anniversary along with other colleagues.

Thanks to a German colleague at VACUUBRAND Sainathan started running as a hobby years ago, as a part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays he regularly participates in marathons. Additionally, Sainathan learned more about German cuisine, despite being 100% vegetarian and teetotaler. He has opened himself to new experiences trying typical dishes and drinks.

When did you begin working in the field of vacuum technology?

Sainathan Konar: I am a graduate of chemical engineering and have an MBA in marketing. Initially I was working for a company selling air compressors for general industrial applications. Later I joined a German multinational corporation involved in large process vacuum solutions. When I joined BRAND Scientific Equipment in 2012, the laboratory side was totally new for me. Soon I was converted to the really specialized industry with advanced technical products. Since then, our team in India has expanded from 7 to 26 associates covering sales, product management, marketing and service. I recently received an award for my 10-year anniversary of employment.

What do you like about working with VACUUBRAND?

Sainathan Konar: When I first visited VACUUBRAND in Germany, I was actually impressed by the factory and the technical know how of the team. I immediately noticed how passionate VACUUBRAND is about innovation and quality. This is not only true for the products but a mantra from design to manufacturing as well as sales and service. Another great difference I noticed compared to my previous jobs was the German precision to discover the root cause of a problem and not just be satisfied with a workaround. Those core values helped me a lot when we started to develop our organization here in India.

The best thing is that I’m strongly convinced that the products and the brand that I promote are the best in the industry. Our vacuum technology truly solves the problems of the users in the lab and makes their life much more simple and safe. Apart from that, I also appreciate the working culture. It's not about selling more and more, but advising customers technically and finding the best solution for them. This balance can also be felt in private life. I can really dedicate my weekends to my family. This is something I learned from my German colleagues.

What are the characteristics of the Indian market?

Sainathan Konar: VACUUBRAND is a leader in India when it comes to vacuum solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical labs. Many of our customers have global supplies and prefer VACUUBRAND's German engineered products to build world class facilities. Some of the most renowned Contract Research Organizations trust VACUUBRAND as their preferred partner for vacuums source in their high-performance labs. We also have many loyal customers in the field of agrochemistry research and the photovoltaic industry.

Furthermore, VACUUBRAND supports many special applications. This results in a very exciting field work where you never stop learning. For example, we once came across an application where VACUUBRAND products were used for simulation of altitude and testing of flap motors for commercial airplanes.

VACUUBRAND products from laboratory to pilot und industrial scale

VACUUBRAND products from laboratory to pilot und industrial scale

Which products do your customers use?

Sainathan Konar: In the past, predominantly basic pumps were sold in India. However, in recent years, we have observed that the demand for high-end products is increasing. This has lead to an improved acceptance of new products and technologies like VARIO pumping units, VACUU·SELECT controllers and our latest oil-free, chemically resistant and dry screw vacuum pumps capable of generating 10-3 mbar vacuum. With the modular VAC 24seven process vacuum system, we even offer solutions for pilot or industrial plants.

One of the Indian-German friendships over the years: Carsten Ruth and Sainathan Konar

One of the Indian-German friendships over the years: Carsten Ruth and Sainathan Konar

Are there any anecdotes about the Indian-German partnership?

Sainathan Konar: Can you imagine that when I joined the Brand Group ten years back I was obese? Coming from a pure Field Sales function, I was on the road and had incorporated unhealthy eating habits. VACUUBRAND's values and guidance from colleagues helped me focus on improving my lifestyle. Not only did I start endurance sports in the form of Distance Running, in the whole process I lost more than 15 kgs and follow a healthier lifestyle. I can proudly say that I have now completed the prestigious Mumbai Marathon three times and achieved the Procam Slam by running different races in four different cities in India. At my last marathon in Mumbai I was actually able to improve my result by almost one hour.

In general, my German colleagues encouraged me to open up to new things. When I came for the first time to VACUUBRAND in Wertheim, I was 100 % vegetarian and teetotal with no alcohol. However, on the second visit I decided to try all the dishes and it was a nice experience. In Germany I also participated in a wine tasting for the first time. I have formed valuable friendships due to the long association with the company group. My friends and family have also noticed that I have become more cosmopolitan after joining the Brand Group.

We would like to thank Sainathan Konar for the interview.