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Screw pumps

The VACUU·PURE dry screw pump offers clean ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar. It combines three important advantages for the user: 100% oil-free, no abrasion, no wear parts. VACUU·PURE is ideal for clean processes that require dry and hydrocarbon-free vacuum. The spindles of the screw pump run contact-free and are therefore both abrasion-free and wear-free. This also means that there are no process interruptions due to wear parts or oil changes. The chemically resistant VACUU·PURE 10C version is available for working with aggressive media.

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Vacuum for degassing

Rely on oil-free vacuum pumps

Vacuum degassing is based on Henry's law. According to this law, the volume of a dissolved gas is proportional to the pressure above the liquid. If this pressure is lowered, the gases can escape more easily.

The ultimate vacuum and pumping speed required for degassing depends on individual requirements such as the desired degree of degassing, the media used or the volume of the container.

If solvents are used, the vacuum pump should be chemically resistant. Oil-free vacuum pumps are particularly advantageous where high process purity is required. In addition, they do not cause any interruptions due to oil changes.

Diaphragm pumps meet all these criteria for the pressure range down to approx. 1 mbar and screw pumps down to the 10-3 mbar range. Both pump types are also suitable for larger volumes. The operation of a cold trap is very rarely required. They are therefore perfect for uninterrupted and low-maintenance operation.

For automation or multi-stage processes, the VACUU·SELECT controller offers the option of creating and saving individual processes.


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