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Screw pumps

The VACUU·PURE dry screw pump provides clean ultimate vacuum in the range of 10-3 mbar. It combines three important advantages for the user: 100% oil-free, no abrasion, no wear parts. VACUU·PURE is ideal for clean processes that require dry and hydrocarbon-free vacuum. The spindles of the screw pump run contact-free and are therefore both abrasion-free and wear-free. This also means that there are no process interruptions due to wear parts or oil changes. The chemically resistant VACUU·PURE 10C version is available for working with aggressive media.

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Vacuum for coating processes

Clean vacuum for high-quality coatings

Vacuum is required for various coating processes such as PVD or CVD. The required process vacuum ranges from the low vacuum range (atmosphere to 1 mbar) to the high vacuum range (10-3 to 10-7 mbar).

Clean vacuum is very important for coating processes in order to avoid contamination of the coatings. Oil-free pump types are therefore preferred in order to avoid any adverse effects from oil vapors. It is also important to ensure that the pump does not generate any abrasion that enters the vacuum system.

If corrosive media are used, the pump should also be chemically resistant.

For the pressure range down to 1 mbar, diaphragm pumps meet all these requirements perfectly. For the pressure range down to 10-3 mbar, the screw pump is the best choice.

Both pump types are also ideal as backing pumps for HV and UHV systems.


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