Brand Group celebrates family festival Versatile program at BRAND and VACUUBRAND

Familienfest der Unternehmen BRAND und VACUUBRAND in Wertheim
Familienfest der Unternehmen BRAND und VACUUBRAND in Wertheim

On July 8, the Brand Group invited its employees with family and friends to a big family party at its two locations in Wertheim. In bright summer weather, almost 2,000 guests came to enjoy the diverse program as well as culinary delights. Guests were not only able to take a look behind the scenes at BRAND and VACUUBRAND and get to know the workplace of their family members or friends, but also learn about modern production technology and logistics. There was also a colorful children's program with many attractions.

My family was very happy to get to know the workplace. (Daniel Barthel, VACUUBRAND)

Wissenswertes für Groß und Klein bei BRAND
Interesting facts for young and old at BRAND

At BRAND, the guests were able to gain many exciting insights into the plant. The plastics production provided special joy with gifts made especially for this day, such as pen holders and shopping cart chips, as well as the sweets in the automated small parts warehouse.

Experimente mit Vakuum bei VACUUBRAND
Experiments with vacuum at VACUUBRAND

One of the many highlights in the VACUUBRAND plant were the experiments with vacuum. For this purpose, the trainees had prepared several experiments together with their technical training supervisor. The guests were able, for example, to make marshmallows grow and shrink and to seal objects airtight.

The Brand Group manufactures laboratory equipment and vacuum technology in Wertheim. Commenting on the occasion, managing partner Dr. Christoph Schöler said, "With the family festival, we would like to thank our employees for their commitment and team spirit. Thanks to this, we have jointly mastered the many global challenges that have arisen in recent years."

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