Earthquake-proof vacuum technology Vacuubrand Scientific Japan offers country-specific solutions

Earthquake-proof installation of the VACUU·LAN® vacuum network at the customer's site in Japan
Earthquake-proof installation of the VACUU·LAN® vacuum network at the customer's site in Japan

Performance and trust are essential principles of business success in Japan. Our premium distributor – Vacuubrand Scientific Japan – embodies both aspects to perfection. For decades, it has been providing dealers and end customers with first-class vacuum equipment and services. In addition, the company presents customized solutions such as the VACUU·LAN® vacuum network for earthquake-proof laboratory installations.

Company founder Yoshimichi Ito got to know VACUUBRAND in the 1980s at a laboratory trade fair in the USA. Thrilled by the quality, he then imported the vacuum products to Japan. Shortly before the turn of the millennium, Yoshimichi Ito and his business partner Mitsuru Terasawa went one step further and founded the company Vacuubrand Scientific Japan. This enabled them to establish the vacuum pumps even more effectively in the Japanese market. Since then, VACUUBRAND's vacuum technology has convinced numerous customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and science.

Mutual trust in business relationships is particularly important in Japan. It is to the credit of our partner Vacuubrand Scientific Japan, which has built this up over generations exclusively with VACUUBRAND products. In the meantime, the sons Yukiya and Yoshikazu Ito manage the successful Japanese company and continue the common history with VACUUBRAND in Germany.

Die Liebe zum Essen verbindet: beim Sushi-Essen in Japan (v.l.n.r.: Masanori Terasawa, Yoshikazu Ito, Yukiya Ito, Carsten Ruth, Christian Ehret)
The love of food unites: eating sushi in Japan (From left to right: Masanori Terasawa, Yoshikazu Ito, Yukiya Ito, Carsten Ruth, Christian Ehret)

Robust vacuum network during earthquakes

Erdbebensichere Konstruktion von Rohrleitungen und Vakuumanschlüssen
Earthquake-proof design of piping and vacuum connectionsterschrift

A special feature of Vacuubrand Scientific Japan are the solutions for extremely specific local requirements:

The vacuum network VACUU·LAN® plays a special role in Japan. This is because in the most earthquake-prone country on earth, laboratories of companies, universities and research institutions have to be constructed safely. This also applies to the installation of pipelines and vacuum pumps. The pipe material made of PTFE polymer is easy to install and more flexible in case of vibrations than components made of metal.

High performance and easy maintenance

One of the Ito brothers' favourite products is the PC 3001 VARIO select chemistry pumping unit. This controls the vacuum of all common laboratory applications at the push of a button and is very powerful yet quiet in operation. "For Japanese customers, top performance is the top priority. We can offer this 100% with our advanced vacuum products," Yoshikazu Ito tells us. For this reason, manufacturers of other laboratory equipment such as freeze-dryers or mass spectrometers also like to integrate vacuum pumps from VACUUBRAND.

Another feature of the vacuum units is highly appreciated in Japan: the pumps are extremely easy to maintain. "Experience shows that the maintenance interval is six to seven years. Some users do not need to change diaphragms or valves even after 10 years," says Yoshikazu Ito. They also enjoy comprehensive support for all concerns and can take advantage of a wide range of services, including installation, maintenance, repair as well as training on vacuum technology, if needed.

The Japanese customers are always enthusiastic about the high quality of the products and the first-class service of our partner. Local expertise is particularly important for the special market requirements. We are looking forward to further intensive cooperation with the Vacuubrand Scientific Japan team.

(Christian Ehret, Area Manager at VACUUBRAND)

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