Proven vacuum technology University of Munich has been working successfully with VACUUBRAND for decades

Successful cooperation in vacuum technology (Source: ©ASDF -
Successful cooperation in vacuum technology (Source: ©ASDF -

Professor Knochel's research group in the Chemistry Department at the University of Munich has long relied on vacuum technology from VACUUBRAND. The relationship has helped both sides through the years.

"Since the late ’90’s, we have exclusively used vacuum technology from VACUUBRAND," says Dr. Vladimir Malakhov from the Department of Chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU). He is a member of Professor Paul Knochel's Organic Chemistry Working Group and accompanied the professor in 1999 after his appointment from the University of Marburg to the Bavarian capital. From the outset, the laboratories at LMU Munich have been equipped with VACUUBRAND devices. "We have never regretted this step," Malakhov says.

Intelligent vacuum technology

Even today, the working group uses exclusively VACUUBRAND vacuum technology in six laboratories with around 30 fume hoods: oil-free diaphragm pumps and pumping systems, oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and measuring instruments."Our doctoral and undergraduate students only know these devices," Malakhov reports. This is an advantage because they can use the same technology at all laboratory workstations. The vacuum pumps are used in numerous applications such as Schlenk line and rotary evaporators.

Pumpstand mit VARIO®-Vakuumregelung
Pumping system with VARIO® control

Professor Knochel's research group at the Department of Chemistry at LMU Munich regularly updates the laboratory equipment. The group attaches great importance to the latest technology. Thanks to the boiling point detection, for example, work processes can be optimized. Two chemically resistant vacuum pumping units with VARIO® adaptive motor speed control for continuous optimization of the vacuum level to process conditions are in use per laboratory. "This intelligent technology makes our work in the laboratory more efficient. In addition, the pumps are pleasantly quiet," Malakhov reports.

Durable vacuum pumps

In addition to high quality, the correct handling of the equipment plays a major role in the service life of the vacuum pumps. VACUUBRAND regularly maintains the equipment at the LMU Munich. There are even still a few vacuum pumps that have been working reliably for over 20 years. "We are pleased with our ongoing cooperation with Professor Knochel and his research group. With their expertise, they are an important partner for us in obtaining valuable feedback for product optimisation and new developments," summarises Dr. Barbara Richarz, Head of Product Management at VACUUBRAND.

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"Since the late ‘90’s, we exclusively used vacuum technology from VACUUBRAND. We have never regretted this step.“ (Dr. Vladimir Malakhov from the Department of Chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

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