Liquid level sensor for catchpot 500ml

Liquid level sensor for catchpot 500ml
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Liquid level sensor RK 500

Liquid level sensor for catchpot 500ml

VACUUBRAND699908ca. mmca. mmca. kg

The liquid level sensor is designed to be mounted at the neck of a VACUUBRAND 500 ml catchpot and works with the CVC 3000 controller. It monitors the liquid level in catchpots of emission condensers and inlet separators. The process is halted and an alarm sounded if the catchpots are close to overflowing. The sensor detects all common solvents without any contact to the solvents.

Technical data

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Analog-I/O-Module IN 4-20mA/OUT 0-10V VACUU·BUS® -VACUU·BUS® 635425 20635425

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