Fluid aspiration system BVC basic G


VACUUBRAND20727100ca. 430 mmca. 180 mmca. 3.2 kg20727100

The BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic is designed for connection to an existing external vacuum source like a diaphragm pump or a vacuum network (e.g., VACUU·LAN®) and does not require electric power. The chemical-resistant mechanical vacuum controller always ensures an optimal operating vacuum. The controller opens only when needed thus limiting the gas load on the vacuum source. The evaporation of collected liquid is minimized. The inlet tubing integrated in the bottle head reduces aerosol and foam formation and ensures a long service life of the hydrophobic protection filter. The aspiration system is available either as BVC basic with 4l PP bottle or as BVC basic G with 2l coated borosilicate glass bottle.

Performance features

  • mechanical vacuum regulator and integrated check valve to provide optimum working vacuum and minimize the vapor load on the vacuum network
  • stable base and electricity-free operation for convenience
  • autoclavable collection bottle designed to reduce aero­sol and foam formation; autoclavable quick-couplings available as accessory
  • aspiration hand set VacuuHandControl (VHCpro) with flow-through suction tube - no contamination of handle by aspirated media
  • hydrophobic 0.2 µm sterilizable filter - contamination risks for the vacuum pumping system are greatly reduced; autoclavable as complete unit together with the collection bottle


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Technical data

Unit Converter
Technical dataUnit BVC basic G
Vacuum controllerMechanical vacuum controller
Control range100 - 500 mbar
Collection bottle2l Glass
Ambient temperature range (operation)°C10 - 40
Ambient temperature range (storage)°C-10 - 60
Max. back pressure (abs.)bar1.1
Inlet connectionSuction controller
Outlet connectionHose nozzle DN 6-10 mm
Degree of protectionIP 54
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm230 x 180 x 430
Items suppliedComplete fluid aspiration system for existing vacuum source, with automatic vacuum controll, hose nozzle DN 6/10 mm for connection to a vacuum supply, aspiration hand set VacuuHandControl VHC, collection bottle 2l made of glass, protection filter and manual.
AccessoriesSuction Controller VacuuHandControl VHCpro (20688061)
Extension kit second suction controller connection (20699943)
Quick-fit coupling suction controller to bottle (20635807)
Quick-fit coupling bottle to pump (20635808)
Protection filter 0.2 µm hydrophob (20638266)
Rubber vacuum tubing DN 8 mm (20686001)

BVC basic G - Dimension sheet

BVC basic G - Dimension sheet

-Technical data are subject to change without notice-

Ordering data

Product nameMains voltage and frequencyPlug* Order no.
BVC basic G ~ ohne

* As part of the implementation process of our new ERP system in 2018 our catalog numbers were extended to 8 digits in length by adding the digits “2” or “20” to the beginning of the old catalog numbers.

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