VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum technology for laboratory applications

For filtration, solid phase extraction and fluid aspiration often simple diaphragm pumps are required. Chemical resistant vacuum systems and VARIO® chemistry pumping units with a full range of control options and unique continuous vapour pressure adaptation are ideal for applications such as rotary evaporation and gel drying or for use with drying chambers and distillations up to kilo lab size.
For processes in fine vacuum, e. g. Schlenk lines, freeze drying and residual drying, oil-free screw pumps, oil sealed rotary vane pumps and hybrid pumps are ideal. For customers needing a backing pump for small and middle sized turbo molecular pumps, oil-free and particle free screw pumps or diaphragm pumps are the first choice.

These are also available as built-in customized versions. With the focus of all the product design based on the user’s requirements in the laboratory, as well as the concept of an overall modular vacuum system is what makes VACUUBRAND the leading provider for vacuum technology for laboratory scale.