VACUU·LAN® Local area vacuum networks for laboratories

  • Supply of several vacuum ports
  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Modular design, expandable at any time


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A modular local vacuum network

VACUU·LAN vacuum networks make it possible to supply several different applications with one vacuum pump. This is a money- and space-saving solution when a lot of users are working with vacuum in one laboratory and avoids the numerous drawbacks of a central ("house") vacuum systems. For the vacuum ports at workplaces very versatile modules are obtainable which can be easily upgraded.


      Advantages compared to central vacuum systems:

      • Demand controlled energy saving vacuum
      • Independent work without mutual interference - due to integrated non-return valves
      • Prevention of unpredictable gas mixtures within the network
      • Reduced energy consumption by up to 90%
      • Possibility of solvent recovery
      • Flexibility – easy upgrade and replacement of all components

      Advantages compared to individual workstation pumps:

      • Space-saving solution for more available work space
      • Low investment and operating costs
      • Whisper quiet operation
      • Investment is often possible from the construction budget

      High flexibility thanks to modular approach

      Suitable for every laboratory

      The individual, laboratory specific approach makes VACUU·LAN exactly the right solution for every laboratory.


      Expandable at anytime

      The system can easily be expanded. If requirements change, every vacuum port can be adjusted separately.


      Integrated or retrofit installation

      VACUU·LAN modules can be surface mounted, installed in furniture, or installed through walls, as needed. Because of this flexibility, they integrate well with new laboratory furnishings, retrofit into existing laboratories, or enable easy expansion of established networks.

      Low overall operating costs


      • Low installation costs
      • Low energy costs
      • Low maintenance costs
      • Low repair costs


      When considering the total operating costs, VACUU·LAN shows its advantages over a central system. VACUU·LAN saves operating costs and fewer additional individual pumps are required. Local vacuum systems are cheaper in the long run than central vacuum systems.


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      Versatile fields of application


      VACUU·LAN networks are well suited to help support the research and development in pharmaceutical laboratories. Each pump is selected for individual networks in order to provide the vacuum level required for the lab’s applications with vacuum levels as deep as 2 mbar (1.5 Torr) at the point of use. Each VACUUBRAND fixture is designed with a directional check valve in order to minimize cross-contamination risks and ensure vacuum stability.
      VACUU·LAN vacuum networks use a single compact pump to support several inlets reducing the number of pumps needed for different applications in the lab. The network pumps can even be remotely located outside of clean rooms saving precious lab space and helping to maintain a clean environment by not generating particulates in the air.

      Life Sciences

      VACUU·LAN provides the best process isolation of any multi-user vacuum system helping to preserve sample purity in biological research and production. It is therefore a pioneer of all currently available vacuum networks. Network installations lab-by-lab provide total isolation from other networks in the same building. The VACUUBRAND liquid aspiration systems BVC are available for use in VACUU·LAN networks.
      VACUU·LAN networks are ideal for laboratories with biological protection levels where vacuum is required at several workstations. With a dedicated network, contamination via the vacuum network is virtually impossible.


      VACUU·LAN local network is a lab vacuum approach that is ideal for educational institutions in both teaching and research settings. The approach to laboratory design has evolved and requires flexible spaces to accommodate multidisciplinary programs with the possibility to easily expand. Since VACUU·LAN networks are a lab-by-lab approach, adding additional points-of-use and vacuum networks to a building is simple and easy.
      The vacuum demand in a teaching lab is typically high during class sessions and not needed when class is not held. This is not ideal for central vacuum systems that are continuously running regardless of demand, wasting energy and resources. VACUU·LAN networks can be designed with a demand-responsive VARIO pump that goes into sleep mode when no demand is detected or a manual pump that can be turned on and off when needed without affecting other labs.




      VACUU·LAN networks support multiple vacuum fixtures using a single chemistry-rated vacuum pump. The chemistry-rated vacuum pumps are constructed with fluoropolymers and perfluoroelastomers for all wetted parts for high corrosion resistance. In addition, chemical resistant tubing and fittings are used such as PTFE to prevent system degradation ensuring longevity of the network, even while using harsh chemicals. VACUUBRAND pumping units ensure years of trouble-free operation with typical service intervals of 15,000 hours.
      Each pump is selected for individual networks in order to provide the vacuum level required for the lab’s applications. This ensures vacuum levels for chemistry applications such as evaporation.

      VACUU·LAN® in four steps

      1. Step - Selection of pump

      First of all it must be clarified what the pump is to be used for. A different ultimate vacuum must also be selected for different applications.

       Ultimate vacuum
      Vacuum filtration, fluid aspiration70 mbar

      Rotary evaporation, concentration

      for many common solvents

      7 mbar

      Drying of small quantities, rotary evaporation

      for high-boiling solvents

      2 mbar



      2. Step - Selection of connecting elements

      It should then be clarified whether the VACUU·LAN network should be mounted on the front of the wall or integrated in the furniture. VACUUBRAND offers suitable connection elements for both, on which functional elements are mounted later. This makes VACUU·LAN suitable for installation in existing laboratories, integration in newly planned laboratory furniture and the expansion of existing older networks.


      3. Step - Selection of modules and operating functions

      Now the desired operating functions are selected for the individual workstations. A distinction must be made between manual and electronic vacuum control via a vacuum controller. The functional elements can be selected in a modular fashion and, together with a connection element and a basic element, can be combined to form an individual module. The modules are easy to clean and the integrated check valves prevent contamination between different applications.



      4. Step - PTFE networks and connection elements

      In the fourth step, the piping made of chemical-resistant PTFE pipes and the PVDF connectors is planned. For further detailed planning, the design of the connecting elements, the PTFE pipe and the VACUU·LAN control options, our product specialists will be glad to advise you.


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      The VACUU·LAN® construction kit


      VACUUBRAND offers a wide range of oil-free vacuum pumps that can be used for the VACUU·LAN local vacuum network. Choose the pump that best fits the size of your network and meets your performance, control and budget requirements.

      VACUU•LAN networks use flexible PTFE tubing and PVDF compression fittings, which makes it quick and simple to install a leak-tight vacuum system.

      VACUU•LAN local vacuum networks use specially designed vacuum fixtures to allow for easy application connection. Check valves protect against contamination.

      We will be happy to assist you

      In modern laboratory buildings, e.g. for chemistry and life sciences, vacuum is part of the basic equipment of workstations today. Consequently, the vacuum supply is fully integrated in the planning of new laboratories. After all, vacuum is required for many different applications - whether evaporation, distillation, drying, or even liquid extraction and filtration. These applications can be covered very well with chemistry diaphragm pumps. VACUUBRAND's local vacuum network VACUU·LAN offers a solution optimized for the laboratory that keeps investment costs low, reduces service and maintenance costs during operation and saves valuable workspace. At the same time, the modularity of the system leaves all options open for expanding and converting the laboratory.

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      For Lab Planners

      For lab planners we offer our comprehensive guide to the selection of pumps, vacuum extraction modules and connectors. The guide will help you select the right components and the optimal configuration for your laboratory. It will help you to get a glance at the subject before an individual consultation.


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