VACUUBRAND vacuum fixtures are an essential component to VACUU·LAN networks. They are designed with chemical-resistant wetted materials to hold up to harsh laboratory chemicals, ensuring longevity of the system. The modules are equipped with an integral non-return valve to minimize fluctuations and reduce interference among other applications on the same network. The vacuum fixtures are modular in design, which allows for easy replacement or upgrade of components as needed. A variety of module configurations and bases are available to fit your lab use and equipment requirements.

  • Built-in check valves
  • Uncompromising chemical resistance
  • Surface-mounted or flush-mounted module bases
  • Available in all common mounting configurations

Mounting bases

The mounting base A1 is designed for retrofitting of vacuum networks into an existing laboratory. The vacuum network tubing will be laid visibly onto laboratory furniture or walls.
The mounting base A5 is designed for installation of vacuum networks into laboratory furniture. The network tubing is laid hidden behind walls or underneath the work plate. The vacuum ports are mounted from the front.


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Mounting bases A1 & A5

VACUU·LAN network fixtures

The following are common VACUU·LAN® network modules used in laboratories.

VCL 01
manual flow-control with shut-off valve
VCL 02
manual flow-control regulation and quick closing
VCL-B 10
electronic vacuum control with the VACUU·SELECT® controller
VCL-B 11
electronic vacuum control and manual flow-control control
shut-off valve
manual flow-control with vacuum display
manual flow-control for fume hoods
hose barb
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VACUU·LAN® vacuum fixtures