• Built-in check valves
  • Uncompromising chemical resistance
  • Wall mounting at the front or integrated
  • Fume cupboard modules
  • Shut-off and control modules

The VACUU·LAN vacuum connections are also modularly designed to provide the right vacuum connection for every application. We offer a wide range of individual connections for vacuum regulation at the respective workplace. The connections can be adapted to changes at the workstation in just a few steps. The integrated non-return valves protect against mutual interference or cross-contamination, even with small pressure differences.

Mounting bases

The mounting base A1 is designed for retrofitting of vacuum networks into an existing laboratory. The vacuum network tubing will be laid visibly onto laboratory furniture or walls.
The mounting base A5 is designed for installation of vacuum networks into laboratory furniture. The network tubing is laid hidden behind walls or underneath the work plate. The vacuum ports are mounted from the front.


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Mounting bases A1 & A5

Modules ready for connection

Combined with the right mounting bracket, a basic element and one or more of the many available functional elements, there are countless possible combinations for your laboratory. Here is a selection of the modules most frequently used in laboratories:

VCL 01
manual flow-control regulation
VCL 02
manual flow-control regulation and quick closing
VCL-B 10
electronic vacuum control with the VACUU·SELECT® controller
VCL-B 11
electronic vacuum control and manual flow-control regulation
quick closing
manual flow-control regulation and vacuum display
manual flow-control regulation for deductions
simple vacuum output without regulation at the module

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