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Vacuum basics and technology – a roadmap for vacuum in the laboratory

+ Experiments with vacuum, What is "nothing"?

+ Important vacuum levels in the laboratory

+ Experiments with fine and rough vacuum based on filtration and evaporation

+ Overview of vacuum technology

+ Selection of the right vacuum pump

Laboratory planning and user requirements – a challenging coexistence

+ Projects at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Würzburg

+ Risk assessments as a tool for laboratory requirements assessment

+ Examples in practice

Freeze drying and vacuum concentration in the laboratory – what, when, and how?

+ Principle and applications of the two related procedures

+ Flexible working with the Alpha 2-4 LSCplus laboratory freeze dryer

+ Gentle evaporation with the RVC 2-33 CDplus vacuum concentrator

+ Tips and tricks in everyday laboratory work

+ Selection of the correct method, depending on sample material

VACUU·PURE® – features and applications of the new vacuum pump

+ Requirements and trends in the modern laboratory

+ Product overview of the new vacuum pump VACUU·PURE

+ Functional principle and features

+ Applications in practice

Rotary evaporation – optimal process flow with vacuum

+ Setup, function and mode of operation of the rotary evaporator

+ Setting the optimum process parameters for efficient evaporation

+ Decisive factors in solvent recovery

+ Tips for selecting the right vacuum system

Maintenance and cleaning of laboratory equipment – tips and tricks for service technicians

+ Checking of VACUU·LAN® networks, function of check valves, leak testing

+ Easy cleaning of solenoid valves on pumps and networks

+ Easy disassembly of head covers on non-chemical resistant diaphragm pumps

+ Quick inspection of diaphragm pumps without vacuum gauge

VACUU·LAN® - Reliable and stable full lab vacuum systems

+ VACUU·LAN Components

+ Choosing the correct system for the customer

+ VACUU·LAN features and benefits

VACUU·PURE® - Clean vacuum and high reliability

+ Overview of the VACUU·PURE®

+ Working principle and features

+ Review of customer applications utilizing the VACUU·PURE®

Vacuum in freeze drying – the most gentle way of drying

+ The principle of freeze-drying and sublimation explained

+ Why exact vacuum is key

+ Tips for optimal process performance

+ Selection of the proper vacuum technology

+ Tips for protecting the vacuum pump against wear

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