Environmental protection has been a major priority at VACUUBRAND for decades. We continuously streamline our processes to prevent waste and minimize energy use. The result of our efforts is a healthy working environment for our employees and a minimum impact on our surroundings. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we would welcome you to inspect our facilities!

Our manufacturing operations have had an environmental management system for years in conformity with ISO 14001. But VACUUBRAND innovations have also contributed to environmental improvements in your operations with products that:

  • lower your energy use and costs
  • reduce waste of resources and emissions of pollutants
  • improve laboratory working conditions.

All our products are designed to combine high-performance with long product lives, low service demands and low energy use. Efficiency in vacuum supply and control of vacuum applications reduces resource utilization, keeps expenses low and enhances lab productivity. Efficient operation and low service costs not only save resources but ultimately offset purchase costs. Add to these contributions the fact that our diaphragm pumps have for years been replacing the old water jet pumps that formerly wasted and contaminated millions of tons of water per year, and we are proud of all that our vacuum pumps have contributed to a greener world.

VACUUBRAND was the first to introduce vapor emission condensers to the market, in 1987. With virtually 100% solvent recovery, these condensers keep solvent vapors from polluting the environment and enable solvent recycling for reuse.

VACUUBRAND has promoted the use of oil-free pumps to replace classical rotary vane pumps in many applications, reducing contaminated oil disposal.

You can be sure that our pumps, gauges and controllers are free of cadmium and mercury.

Environmental protection is important to everybody - let´s all act responsibly !