VACUU·BUS accessories

For the VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller and the DCP 3000 gauges we feature a unique range of accessories including valves (for vacuum, coolant and venting), external sensors (for vacuum and liquid level) and modules (for communication or switching). These accessory components are plug-and-play and self-configuring due to the VACUU·BUS® digital bus system for read-out or control and communication with VARIO® pumps. Uniform plug-and-socket connections prevent confusion and make it possible to arbitrarily connect nearly any required number of components, even over distances of up to 30 m. The plugs are liquid-tight and highly resistant to chemicals.


In-line valve VV-B 6 with KF DN 16 or hose nozzle DN 6/10 20674290
In-line valve VV-B 6C with KF DN 16 or hose nozzle DN 6/10 20674291
In-line valve VV-B 15C with KF DN 16 20674210
In-line valve VV-B 15C with KF DN 25 20674215
Coolant valve VKW-B, G3/4" / G1/2", with hose nozzle DN 6 20674220
Air admittance valve VB M-B with KF DN 16 and hose nozzle DN 6/10 20674217
Liquid level sensor for VACUUBRAND catchpot 500 ml 20699908
VACUU·BUS® extension cable, 2 m 20612552
Y-Adapter VACUU·BUS® 20683240
VACUU·BUS® wall feedthrough (plug-socket), for wall thickness of 1 - 10 mm 20636153
Digital-I/O-Module VACUU·BUS® 20636228
Analog-I/O-Module VACUU·BUS® 20636229
VMS-B module for vacuum controller CVC 3000 to switch a vacuum pump 20676030