CO2mmitted to change

Finding new ways to improve the environmental performance of products starts with a commitment to do so. We search continuously for ways to reduce energy use and resource consumption in both the manufacture and the use of our products.

  • VACUUBRAND has promoted the use of oil-free pumps to replace classical rotary vane pumps in many applications, reducing contaminated oil disposal. You can be sure that our pumps, gauges and controllers are free of cadmium and mercury.
  • Innovative design improvements increase the pumping speed of our NT-series 8-cylinder pumps by 30%, permitting them to replace even larger rotary vane pumps.
  • The Peltronic emission condenser developed by VACUUBRAND and introduced in 2007 collects solvent vapors and is operating completely without cooling water conserving the valuable resource water
  • VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks save energy and equipment costs by using small, in-lab pumps to supply on-demand vacuum for many users. This eliminates the need for central vacuum supply systems, with often over-sized pumps, and high maintenance and energy costs.
  • VACUUBRAND VARIO® control technology continuously optimizes pumping speed automatically, perfectly adapting the flow rate to the actual process demand of the vacuum application. The process runs faster and energy consumption is up to 90% less than with conventional pumps.
  • New product developments by VACUUBRAND are characterized by reduced material usage, lower carbon footprint and active environmental protection.