We stand not only for high-quality products, but also for comprehensive service. That's why we are there for you - on site or remotely! With fast support, maintenance, repair, calibration of measuring instruments as well as training and seminars. We are your service partner with many years of experience as a full-service provider for vacuum solutions. What can we do for you?

You can reach us by telephone on +49 9342 808 5660 or use our inquiry form:

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Repair & Maintenance


We focus on the reliability and durability of our products. Should something nevertheless go wrong, we can repair your device quickly and cost-effectively in most cases. Our technical staff will examine your case and contact you to discuss how to proceed.


Depending on the type and application, our vacuum pumps require occasional maintenance. For this purpose, you can send your products to our factory. Alternatively, our technical staff can visit you on site. Please feel free to make an appointment with us.

"The vacuum pumps serviced by VACUUBRAND are in optimal condition again. Incidentally, we still have pumps repaired today that have been in use for more than 20 years! Quality pays off."

Dr. Vladimir Malakhov,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

  • No costs for the review
  • No costs for the preparation of a cost estimate
  • Cleaning and proper disposal
  • Decontamination according to the highest standards
  • Safety check after each repair
  • Fair price for repairs - only necessary items are replaced
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Use of original spare parts


Use our reliable calibration service: VACUUBRAND operates a calibration laboratory for vacuum gauges that is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). We are entitled to issue calibration certificates in the range from 1300 to 10-3 mbar (abs.).

    • DAkkS-accredited measurement laboratory
    • Documentation by calibration certificate
    • Calibration of vacuum gauges from other manufacturers possible

    Installation & Commissioning

    Our technical staff will also visit you on site and take care of installation and commissioning, followed by a functional test. This way, you can always be sure that your product is working properly and being used correctly. Our Service also includes instructions for your employees to ensure no question remain unanswered on using the equipment.

    • Professional installation, commissioning and maintenance
    • Test run with testing and documentation
    • Briefing of your employees

    Equipment testing

    Our specialists will carry out professional functional testing and documentation of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers for you. For this purpose, you can send your products to our factory. Alternatively, our technicians can visit you on site and, if desired, also test devices from other manufacturers.

    • DGUV V3 testing of vacuum pumps, measuring instruments and small laboratory instruments
    • Vacuum testing of vacuum pumps from all manufacturers
    • Balancing of measuring instruments with documentation up to 0.1 mbar
    • Balancing of measuring instruments with documentation up to 0.001 mbar