OEM- and built-in pumps


OEM products: According to individual requirements

For more than 50 years, VACUUBRAND has been a proven business partner for OEM solutions in laboratories, analysis and industry. Our products meet customers´ highest technical, economic and environmental standards. Our company has maintained a ISO 9001-certified management system for years. Production facilities and product development are located in Germany. A formidable development team and our integrated production, along with state-or-the-art machinery and automatic testing equipment, give us a high level of flexibility.

Your success is the measure of our work

We understand that in many cases the vacuum source is the heart of your application. There are many different demands placed on the vacuum source in OEM applications. To meet your needs, we look at the challenge comprehensively: What are the technology parameters? How does the design need to be adapted to the installation situation? What external certifications (e.g., according to UL and CSA standards) or special test specifications are needed? Of course, the product must also satisfy your cost objectives; ready-to-install vacuum components should boost your economic efficiency by saving you the need to purchase and store add-on components. Finally, our standard procedures include full documentation for OEM products, and we make provision for you to verify their technical parameters and call up test findings. Contact VACUUBRAND to discuss your needs with our engineers.

Typical customized modifications

  • choice of drives
  • adapted electrical connection and vacuum connection
  • flexibly adapting the control system (for instance, with VARIO-SP pumps)
  • using "compatible" materials
  • specifying and checking specific vacuum technology parameters
  • customized label and color
  • product documentation


Diaphragm pumps with 24V DC drive particularly for integration into OEM products

In OEM applications, we adapt our pumps to your installation requirements: Color, motors, electrical interfaces, fastening and a whole lot more can be adapted to your design requirements. VACUUBRAND VARIO-SP pumps with 24 V DC drive are designed for integration into your equipment control wiring. For decades, VACUUBRAND pumps have been selected by leading equipment and instrument manufacturers world-wide for their most critical designs.

VARIO-SP diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND combine our proven diaphragm and cylinder head technology with state-of-the-art drive and control technology. This system component (SP = SystemPump) is frequently used in equipment or systems where it is beneficial and necessary to regulate vacuum parameters. The electronically commutated (brushless) 24 V direct current drive is service-free and features unparalleled compact dimensions. The high-quality and flexible electronic drive system built into the pump makes it easy to integrate the vacuum pump into your overall system. Varying the motor speed makes maximum efficiency possible, including the option of controlling vacuum processes by changing the pump´s volume flow rate. Motor speed control also enhances performance features such as pumping speed, ultimate vacuum, diaphragm and valve live, vibration and sound levels and energy consumption. The motor speed may be set internally (fixed speed) or controlled via an external digital or analog signal.

  • speed-variable from 400 to 2200 min-1 making possible shorter pump down times at high speed
  • improved ultimate vacuum at low speed
  • extended lifetime of diaphragms and valves
  • extremely compact, with flexible mounting positions 
  • much quieter and much less vibration
  • lower energy consumption and lower waste heat
  • speeds can be set fixed or controlled with various external analog and digital signals
  • supply voltage 24 V DC for use all over the world
  • customized designs for overall system streamlining are a VACUUBRAND specialty  


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