Vacuum gauges


  • We use a capacitive ceramic diaphragm gauge head in the rough vacuum range from atmospheric pressure to 0.1 mbar that measures independently of the type of gas and is exceptionally resistant to chemicals. It also has outstanding measuring accuracy, very low temperature depencence and excellent long-term stability.


  • Pirani vacuum sensors are preferably used in the lower rough and fine vacuum ranges from below 10 to 10-3 mbar. They measure the heat conductivity of a gas that depends on the gas density and, therefore, pressure. The accuracy of this measuring process is best in the range of 10 to 10-2 mbar. The indicated pressure depends on the type of gas and deviates from the air adjustment (at the factory) depending upon the heat conductivity of the specific gas being measured. The VACUUBRAND products VACUU·VIEW extended and VSP 3000 feature an exceptional chemical resistance and robustness compared with conventional Pirani sensors (with metallic filament) as its wetted parts are made of special plastics and ceramics.


  • The final touch is put on this range of products with an ATEX-approved measuring instrument for use in locations with and measuring of potentially explosive atmospheres per ATEX category 2.


  • The vacuum gauges DCP 3000, VACUU·VIEW and VACUU·VIEW extended (and also the CVC 3000 vacuum controllers) as well as the recommended accessories use VACUU·BUS® as their communication system. Uniform plug and socket connections make the system flexible and allow extension of the lines up to 30 m. The measuring instruments and components are completely self-configuring. Components connected to the gauges and controllers are automatically recognized, configured and supervised. At the DCP 3000 up to eight external vacuum sensors (four VACUU·VIEW, VSK 3000 and four VACUU·VIEW extended, VSP 3000) can be connected for simultaneous monitoring on the spot. Additionally the DCP 3000 can be used for relative pressure measurements (using VSK 3000 vacuum sensors as a reference) and as a data logger for up to 32,000 measurement values. For high vacuum measurements the DCP 3000 allows the connection with the combined Penning/Pirani gauge head MPT.


Notice: DVR 4 und DVR 4S are no longer available